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  • Instant Curb Appeal Ideas

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    For those folks out there that are looking to spice up the exterior of their home, I came across a great site to give you some simples ideas that are do-it-yourself projects and can be done on a budget! While the website provides 39 great ideas, I’ve picked my top 10 but if you want to see the entire list, visit: Paint your front door. Spray paint your existing door hardware. Give your house numbers an upgrade. Painting the trim and adding matching moulding can make any door frame look tons better. Put in some new porch lights, or upgrade the ones you already have. Add tile to a plain concrete entryway. Add some hanging planters. Cover an exposed foundation with ready-made panels. Revamp your welcome mat. Hide your a/c unit. For more home design tips or information pertaining to home ownership, email me at -Carmen Harris

  • That Pesky Slope in Your Backyard

    When I’m out showing homes I can’t keep track of how many times clients and I come into the backyard of a home and they find themselves stumped on what they are going to do with it. That’s because the old “cut an fill” lots are so common in San Diego County. And while most homes have some yard space, the majority of it is sloped. The first thing I do is take a look at the existing retaining wall. Are there cracks? Does it bow in any spots? And if so, why? Are there trees planted close to it, meaning roots are the cause of the problem? Next, if nothing has been done to landscape the slope, we talk about what their options are. I found a great link that shows an easy, do it yourself step by step guide to terrace a hill. Click here to take a look:  Quick Way to Terrace a Hill Happy Landscaping! Carmen Harris, The GreenHouse Group Real Estate Consultant, and BackYard Visionary

  • 21 Ways To Get Organized This Spring

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    What better time than now to rid your home of the unnecessary and get started with spring cleaning. Spring into organization with these 21 tips to de-clutter around your home.  I know from personal experience that having a clean, clear living space helps me have a clear mind as well.  It’s like an immediately decompression to walk into an organized home and work space.  Click here for 21 Ways To Get Organized This Spring. If you’d like more organizing, cleaning, or money saving tips, email me at   Your Cost-Conscious Partner, Christine (858) 356-

  • “I’ve never seen someone sell a house like you guys”

    Hello! This week I would  like to share with you our coming soon listing. going live on the market this Friday. Here are a few pictures of how it looked before. The house was already beautiful, however it wasn’t ready to sell. Walking in to the home, you can see a family was living in their beautiful house, and the backyard didn’t match the rest of the house; needed help and lacked privacy. BEFORE:                   The owners put a lot of love and money into their home throughout the years. now that they want to sell, they came to us for guidance. First thing we agreed was the backyard needed to match the rest of the house. We made some great recommendations and three weekends, a barrel a sweat, and 2 exhausted owners later, this is what we accomplished: 1. leveled, reinforced, and installed a new fence 2. GREEN FEATURE: no-maintenance Landscape 3. Decluttered each room and Rearranged furniture 4. added final touches A beautiful house, inside & out.   To see the AFTER pictures, click here:   If you are thinking of selling your home and don’t know where to start, we know how we can help   Thanks for checking in, Renata  

  • San Diego Modern Home Tour

    For those of you who are interested in modern architecture, interior design, or just enjoy viewing beautiful homes, an event this weekend is just for you! According to Uptown News, “On Sept. 27, the 2014 San Diego Modern Home Tour will showcase eight homes from San Diego to Encinitas exemplifying modern architecture. Several of the homes are in or around Uptown, including a canyon-side home in Presidio Park/Old Town, the Shayan House in Mission Hills, “Union 4” in Bankers Hill and Sofia Lofts in Golden Hill. Tour-goers transport themselves to each home and set their own pace for touring each location. Advanced tickets are $30, or $40 day-of. Children 12 and under are free. Tickets must be picked up at one of three will-call locations. Visit for tickets, information and photos of the featured homes.” To buy tickets in advance and online click here. Happy Home Viewing! -Carmen Harris

  • Sneak Peak Tuesday: Before & Afters

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    Hi Everyone, I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks and now finally,  it is time to share with you what we have been up. Here are just a few of our Listing in La Mesa coming up. If you are interested in learning more about this home visit : Know of anybody that will benefit from our Room-By- Room Reviews and wants to sell? We can help make the necessary updates you need with least amount of money! After all, money doesn’t grow on trees! -Renata    Just a Few of the many Before & Afters I have:    

  • Patio Design Ideas

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    Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed today’s 80 Degree weather as much as I did. If you live in Sun Diego, you may or may not have already witnessed someone’s gorgeous patio being tortured to an old indoor couched. Please don’t be that person.. Click on the Article below from HGTV for great patio design ideas: Lets avoid using our indoor furniture for outdoor, there is a reason why they are named separately 🙂             Thank you for checking in with me! Renata

  • Childproofing Checklist for Your Home

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    A growing family and the desire to provide a stable and safe environment for children, is one of the top five reasons families look to purchase a home.  That being said, it’s important not to overlook one of the biggest threats to a child’s safety and well-being – the home they live in.   Household injuries are one of the top reasons children under 3 visit to the ER.  Young children have the highest risk of injury at home because that’s where they spend most of their time.  As a first time parent, it may be difficult to anticipate what may be a hazard or become a hazard in the space you find comfort in daily.  Trying to think of all of the “what-if” scenarios for a new baby can make you crazy.  Childproofing has never been easier with all of the gadgets available on the market as well as some simple common sense ideas to use in your home.  Click here for a checklist to help guide you in your quest to create a safe environment at home for your new or growing family.   Christine 858-356-

  • Give your kitchen a little face-lift

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    Give your kitchen a little face-lift

    Hi Everyone!! Are you a Homebuyer with no money left to redo your kitchen? Or you like your kitchen but are tired and don’t know what to do? Give your kitchen a face-lift! Without breaking the bank. You’ll be surprised to see how much little paint will do to your  kitchen. Below are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of a Kitchen I did a little facelift to. I had a little bit of the wall opened up to open up the kitchen and let more natural light flow. I had the cabinets, walls, side of counter & ceilings repainted We were on a tight budget since we re-did the entire house, so the backsplash & floors were left for a 3-year-plan. I even kept the original knobs & hinges. BEFORE::                     AFTER::     Check out the article I found from on how to give your Cabinets a Face-List:   See you next week! –Renata  

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