Childproofing Checklist for Your Home

Childproofing Checklist for Your Home

The GreenHouse Group Childproofing Your HomeA growing family and the desire to provide a stable and safe environment for children, is one of the top five reasons families look to purchase a home.  That being said, it’s important not to overlook one of the biggest threats to a child’s safety and well-being – the home they live in.   Household injuries are one of the top reasons children under 3 visit to the ER.  Young children have the highest risk of injury at home because that’s where they spend most of their time.  As a first time parent, it may be difficult to anticipate what may be a hazard or become a hazard in the space you find comfort in daily.  Trying to think of all of the “what-if” scenarios for a new baby can make you crazy.  Childproofing has never been easier with all of the gadgets available on the market as well as some simple common sense ideas to use in your home.  Click here for a checklist to help guide you in your quest to create a safe environment at home for your new or growing family.




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