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Its been said, how you start something is usually how you finish it. That is to say, that if the first step you employ when selling your home is sharing a frenetic phone call with an agent because your home has to sell in a month … that’s probably not the most ideal of conditions. When someone asks me, “How much is my home worth?” The answer is always tied to time. If you have to be sell in 30 days, that could be a very different number than if you have 90 days or more. In order to set your next move up to be a great success, my best advice is for us to get the conversation started early. While you might agree that none of the big lifting will get accomplished until we are within about the 3 month window of your target sale date, one of the most valuable tools I can share with you at this stage is our Home Value MarketWatch. Its a live feed to the pulse of what your neighborhood is currently doing. Together, we monitor in real time the new listings, the ones going to escrow and the recently sold homes. In no time we’ll get a good idea as to what price you belong at, just based on comparing and contrasting from the recent activity from your neighbors.

First-Time Home Seller

Experience exactly what you imagine a 5-star home selling process and outcome should look and feel like. From our cutting-edge use of video technology, to our in-house staging and sale prep, to our negotiating skills and unquantifiable ability to see several moves down the chess board.

Investment Home Sale

Whether that’s cashing-out & making sure the property is being sold on ALL its value merits, or, managing the critical nuances of a 1031 exchange, or, helping you with current tenants correctly amidst the emotions of a property changing hands.. you need an expert who has seen it and done it to save you money and headaches.

Short Sale, Foreclosure, Probate & Trust Sale Expert.

Life happens. And when it does, sometimes there is real property involved. Don’t make the mistake of simply hiring that one agent who helped you do that one thing that one time when it does. The consequences could be expensive. We own the level of expertise required to navigate these types of deals.


Preparation | FREE Home Value MarketWatch

Here’s our step-by-step, formulaic approach, to making sure you arrive at exactly where you are supposed to be, on time & safely (aka a quick primer on how we separate ourselves from everyone else out there)

Step 1: Quick Walkthrough & Pin-Point Price Suggestion

Ideal Time Frame: 3 – 1 months preceding target buy date
Quick Informal Walk-Through

This shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes. We come out your house, you show us around and point out all the items which make it, well, home. We’ll take some quick photos (not the real ones used for marketing), notes, and a we’re on our way. We front load all the work, which takes the load off you. Nothing formal (as the title implies) & the purpose is simple: share all the info available to help me, help you make an informed choice on your best option(s).

Pin-Point Price Suggestion Video

This mind-blowing use of technology will surely be the most impressive, comprehensive & professional demonstration of your home’s value and market positioning you’ve ever seen. That should be “enough said.” But I’ll add this: The traditional CMA (or, Comparative Market Analysis) is dead. Its an old technology for an old world. If an agent shows up to your home with a “CMA” kindly thank them for their time & show them to the door. Why? Its not enough anymore. Our Pin-Point Price technology takes EVERYTHING into consideration, not just comparable homes which have sold recently. Trust us when we say: you going to want to know everything that goes into this before you chose the which option is best for you right now.

Step 2: Initial Consultation & Room-by-Room Review

Ideal Time Frame: 3 – 1 months preceding target sale date

The Anatomy of the 90 Minutes for our Contracts “Huddle Up”:

Initial 10 minutes:

“Opening Ceremonies.”  Its “hello” on steroids. Then we get to work.

The next 10 minutes we review the findings and confirm the numbers:

  • What are the final numbers?
  • Where are you going, do you need our help with your next move?

Then, 10 more minutes invested in the How:

    • Here’s how we are going to get your home sold for top dollar in half the time of a typical listing
    • Introduction to my 6-Step Process.
    • Reveal my 3 critical roles.

Most importantly, we invest 20 minutes in discovering your Why:

    • The 7 most important questions you might ever be asked

In the last 10 minutes of the “Huddle Up”

    • I’ll offer my best advice to you, whether we believe we are a good fit & we get started on the plan.

The final 30 minutes of our time together:

    • We go over the contract, sign & inaugurate our relationship as the firm who is going to help you “Cash In while Moving Out”
Room-By-Room Review

Here is one of the BIG differentiators. Most of the traditional real estate agents are addicted to “hope-ium” – just hoping to sell homes out there right now by throwing it on the MLS. Listen: Everybody wants to sell for top dollar. But how many agents actually have the human resources, the in-house design team, the cadre of imaginative contractors and low-dollar tradesman to do what needs to be done in order to actually manifest a top dollar sale?

Before choosing the agent who is going to sell your home for you, ask them what their pre-listing process is. If they even have one, I guarantee that has more to do with them than it does you (you’ll know what that means when you feel like taking a shower after posing the question). Then, PLEASE ask us what ours consists of. We’ll compare notes and, chance are, you’ll want to copy ours:).

Step 3: Media Day | Your House Goes To Hollywood

Ideal Time Frame: 3 – 1 months preceding target buy date
Professional photos, anyone?

These are some actual real estate photos taken by agents to promote their listings. Now, you tell me … do these just sell a home or what?

HD Video Walk-Through of your home w/ some of the most cutting edge technology available.

I had someone ask me, “Why a video?” .. just the other day. She went on, “… doesn’t one of those virtual tours work just the same?” That’s kinda like saying, “Man .. this ancient Redwood Tree is really giving my chainsaw fits. Perhaps I should switch to this butter knife instead.”

Is your jury still out? Check out this version of our HD Video Walkthrough where we can also use some of the most powerful marketing out there to sell your home: YOU!

Step 4: Don’t Guess, Test. Then The BIG LAUNCH! | Goin’ To Market

Ideal Time Frame: 3 months – 1 month preceding target buy date

Don’t Guess, Test. We prefer to use as much science and systemic process as available to us. So, we don’t guess first, we test first. And with that feedback we receive from the pool of VideoGraph your would-be-buyers, we then go to market by design vs. hoping for luck. This technique employs many different angles depending on the market you’re in. But we always utilize the local broker caravan (for other agents to preview the home first) as well as property specific websites (promulgating to a world wide audience).

Then, Launch! The first Saturday of the home’s visibility to the market, we throw a launch party for the home and make it available to the market and the neighborhood.

Step 5: “Escrow” | 6 Victories Until We Give Them The Keys

Ideal Time Frame: 1 month preceding target buy date

A real estate transaction in this brand new marketplace has a lot of what you might call “Integrated Complexity”. There are 100 pieces of paper requiring upward to 43 different signatures and initials, 100-150 different phone calls and emails, sometimes 43 different people from at least 14 different industries that all take place throughout the 7 stages of your loan process! Every “I” has got to be dotted, every “T” crossed – because if there are ever any mistakes made along the way, guess who pays for it? YOU (the buyers)! We use a premium platform service to ensure mistakes are mitigated, and a team assembled to carry that promise out. Kevin P., a recent client of ours, really appreciated the utility of this and mentioned it on his Yelp.com review: “He’s quick to put his one-on-one thoughtfulness to each and every step of the process and even creates a website that you can track each documented step of the lengthy process.” Thanks Kevin, and we hope you’ll come to appreciate that touch also.

Step 6: Mission Accomplished & Welcome to the Family

Ideal Time Frame: Target buy date achieved

Once the dust of the HouseWarming party settles is where some of our clients tell us our greatest value begins. Where some people, like taxi-drivers, take off after they get their commission check only to never hear from them again. We like to keep a pulse of the market, our position within it and our long term goals in sight so we can remain intentional with our most valuable assets.


Seller’s Bill Of Rights:

Once we take on a client, we never leave a soldier behind.

Our purpose is to leave each person better than how we found them.

We treat your money like it's our money.

Our portfolio has (3) parts: The People, The House, The Deal.

We will always cut it to you straight, even at the risk of creating an uncomfortable conversation.

We close on time, or early, and never ugly.

We are your consultants, your negotiators and overseers of all your transactional details.

We are not salespeople. We match your speed so we're not to going rush you or try to sell you anything.

We're not after a commission check because we're always playing the long-game of relationship capital vs. transactional crap-ital.

One team, one project, no fridge magnets, no excuses.

But don’t take our word for it. This is what some of our past clients are saying.

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