Instant Curb Appeal Ideas

Instant Curb Appeal Ideas

Curb AppealFor those folks out there that are looking to spice up the exterior of their home, I came across a great site to give you some simples ideas that are do-it-yourself projects and can be done on a budget! While the website provides 39 great ideas, I’ve picked my top 10 but if you want to see the entire list, visit:

  1. Paint your front door.
  2. Spray paint your existing door hardware.
  3. Give your house numbers an upgrade.
  4. Painting the trim and adding matching moulding can make any door frame look tons better.
  5. Put in some new porch lights, or upgrade the ones you already have.
  6. Add tile to a plain concrete entryway.
  7. Add some hanging planters.
  8. Cover an exposed foundation with ready-made panels.
  9. Revamp your welcome mat.
  10. Hide your a/c unit.

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-Carmen Harris

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