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  • Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 31 | Rich Super Power And Jeffery Adler on Dlush

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    Episode 31 | Rich “Super” Power & Jeffery Adler on Dlush Mayweather VS. Pacquiao? We got our first sports episode of Jesse’s Secret Stash!! Professional Boxer & MMA fighter Rich “Super” Power comes on the stash alongside his partner in crime, Jeffery Adler, owner of Dlush. Together these 2 use the power of healthy drinks and powerful hits to help the youth of today stay on track. Jeffery sponsors tons of events with his Dlush drinks to try and help kids work for there dreams and stay away from drugs and other bad things. He is a 2 time Ted Talks guest who has a true passion for giving back to todays youth. Rich loves to take time out of his day to hang out and work with the youth to ensure that every kid he meets remembers to try hard and that following your dreams is possible. When these kids get to meet and touch their favorite athletes and stars, it helps them remember that the people they see on TV and youtube are real, and that their dreams ARE possible. When you mix amazing motivation from athletes and great healthy drinks to keep them fit, full & happy, you get the duo of Jeffery Adler & Rich “Super” Power. Tune in to watch for yourself and to hear our bets for the upcoming Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao fight this Saturday!

  • How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide

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    Starting a blog can be confusing but, creating a blog is extremely easy, and it does not require any coding skills (HTML). In fact, the whole process is somewhat automatic. So whether you are 20 or 70 years old, doesn’t really matter – you can still make it. Here’s my sample blog, which I make and upload  in less than 20 minutes. You can do that too; simply follow the steps below. 1) DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BLOG ABOUT:The first thing you need to do is pick a blog topic. Is there anything you enjoy or are really passionate about? It’s much easier to write articles and posts about topics that you’re passionate about. 2) DECIDE WHICH BLOGGING PLATFORM TO — USE, FREE OR SELF-HOSTED?  First of all, most of the blogs on the internet are made using the WordPress blogging platform. Here’s why I think using WordPress is the best way to start your blog: You can choose from many different layouts and free themes You can easily write blog posts and add pictures/images to your blog You are able to categorize your blog posts and create a custom menu People can comment and share your blog How to Create your YouTube Channel:  First, you need to create your free Google account. If you’re starting a YouTube channel for your business, set up a separate Google/YouTube account

  • Week 8, Step 7 – Funding, Recording and Something you might not have expected

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    You’ve sat down with your Escrow Company and signed your final loan docs. They have delivered your signed documents back to the lender and the lender is reviewing the documents for accuracy and completeness. After the lender reviews the loan in full, and everything all their requests have been satisfied, they will fund the loan.  Once the loan is funded, your new mortgage will go into effect. Another thing that is now able to happen after funding, is the loan will record. Once the loan has funded and recorded, our journey through the process of purchasing a home is finished. Except, there might be one thing you will want to look out for down the road. That is, your supplemental tax bill. When your property changes hands, the assessed tax value is re-evaluated. If the property has increased in value, from say 200,000 to 250,000. You will receive a supplemental tax bill for the difference in value for the time remaining in that fiscal year. It can be a little complicated so if you have any questions on this please reach out to me, or leave a comment in the video section below and I will get back to you right away. 858.273.3663 ext

  • Power of Productivity Tool #7- Staying Focused

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    The Ultimate Leverage Questions Question Number One: What do I want to let go ofright now so I do not bring it into my future? Question Number Two: What do I have right now that I want to keep and bring into my future? Question Number Three: What do I want to be in my future that is currently not in my present?    Your Thoughts Create Your Reality What makes all of this so important is that your thoughts become your reality.  If you’re not sure what you’ve been thinking, have a look around you because whatever shows up over time is what you’ve been focusing on. Your currently reality is a mirror of what you’ve been thinking.  To change your world, change your thoughts.  With the change of focus comes a change in feeling and thus a change in being.  Being is the state that creates the reality you find yourself in.  Of course your actions will give you clues to what you believe, too. For example, if you think you’re a great relationship builder but notice you have not called or visited a client or a friend in weeks, your behavior is telling you what you really think.  It’s not important that you know how you are going to get what you want. What is important is that you know what you want to create.

  • Power of Productivity Tool #6: Mental Toughness-Navy Seal Status

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      What Can Navy SEALs Can Teach You About Being The Worlds Best Real Estate Agent A Navy SEAL is someone who has survived the most challenging military training in the world. Actually, the word SEAL stands for “Sea, air, and land fighting.” These guys do it all from swimming – with scuba gear and snorkeling gear on – all the way to jumping out of airplanes, parachuting and all the mili- tary stuff they do on land.  Those who pass the training demonstrate an almost super- human ability to keep functioning in very stressful situations.   It’s very much like the real estate and the mortgage business where situations can be very tense/very stressful on all the parties involved.  As a Navy SEAL you learn how to function effectively as opposed to going into your primitive fight and flight or freeze reaction. Imagine when the telephone rings and the appraisal comes in low; or the telephone rings and the FICA score is too low; or the telephone rings and the information that you get is that the client wants to bail out. For a SEAL, that’s like they’re out blowing things up or people are shooting at them. They need to have the mental tough- ness to really be strong under super-stressful situations. You might ask yourself, “Hey, what does this have to do with productivity and being a

  • Essential Power of Productivity Tool #5 Strong Referral Foundation

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    “You demonstrate character when your intentions are aligned with your behavior.” -Joe Stumpf For example, if you say you are a consultant but you behave like a salesperson, your behavior is not aligning with your intentions and you’re out of character.  Super stars have persona.  But super servants have character. And your goal is to be a super servant!  And what I want to help you do right now is to find out what it takes to shed your persona and replace it with character. Everyone has their own definition of character. But however you define it, the most important thing is that you live out your own intentions of it.  True change begins on the inside and works its way to the outside. And in many cases you are the only one who knows your intentions. So you’re the only one who can judge if your intentions are aligned with your behavior and if you’re acting with character. Bianca Martinez

  • Your “Big Opportunity”

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    Essential Power Productivity Tool #3: Big Opportunity Time Concentration, attention, focus, in the zone, flow, optimal state — they all mean pretty much the same thing: single-minded- ness. And in this new economy and new world order the ability to focus, concentrate and attend to one th ing at a time may be the single most important skill you can develop in order to be power- fully productive. In fact, one of the reasons so few people become power- fully productive is they don’t direct their focus. They choose not to concentrate their power. Most medi- ocre people dabble in business and choose never to pour them- selves fully, one hundred percent, into one thing. What Is “Big Opportunity Time”? Big Opportunity Time is the ritual that will help you focus your efforts to get the maximum amount done during your work time. ! I have been experimenting with this concept of deep alignment because I want to get a lot of things done. It is based on my experience of creating high productivity and fierce focus!  Can you remember a time when you were working and everything just seemed to flow? When you were focused, productive, and time just seemed to flow? If you think back it was a time when you were completely physically, mentally, and emotionally engaged. You were enjoying your work and getting stuff done. You

  • Have You Ever Stopped To Ask Yourself?

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    Essential Power Productivity Tool #2: 3 Questions To Ask At The End Of Every Day! There are 3 sets of questions you can choose to ask your- self at the end of every day: 1)What is the most challenging decision you made to- day that moved you closer to the resolution of any problem that you have? You have to deal with all the stuff that life throws at you. When you look at the obstacles, problems and challenges you face during each day, you can choose to think of them simply as conditions for playing this game called life. Instead of being frustrated by all the challenges, shift your focus on what you learned, what relationships you deepened and what results you created. Instead of being upset or overwhelmed, look at any prob- lems as conditions that are required for you to overcome or work through in order to experience a higher level of responsibility. 2)What new idea, insight, awareness or bit of wisdom did you read or listen to that shifted your perspec- tive today? What new belief did you get? !24 When you gain new insight or awareness each day, you’re making a valuable mental deposit you can use later. By asking yourself this question at the end of every day, you set yourself up to make acquiring new knowledge a priority for tomorrow. 3)What relationship did

  • Response to @JVolstad: What’s the difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a Seller’s Agent?

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    What’s the difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a Seller’s Agent? Traditionally, all agents involved in a real estate transaction legally represent the Seller (both the “Listing Agent” and the “Selling Agent.”) When a Buyer’s Agent is involved, the person buying the property is represented by the “Selling Agent,” who is known as the “Buyer’s Agent.” How does a Buyer’s Agent get paid? The Buyer’s Agent gets paid with commissions that come from one of two places: ~ Out of the total commission being paid to the listing agency, or ~ As a reduction in the selling price equivalent to the Buyer’s Agency commission, thus enabling a direct payment from the Buyer to the Buyer Agency. Typically, the Buyer’s Agency Commission is paid from the proceeds of the closing. What will it cost me? No additional cost! In fact, a Buyer’s Agent can save you money by being able to negotiate with the Seller and Selling Agent to work toward obtaining the lowest price and best terms for you, the Buyer. Why the Change? In the mid-1980’s, state licensing officials and trade organizations began questioning certain practices within the real estate industry. As a result, agents were required to reveal which party they were representing. Buyers began requesting equal representation. What are the Benefits of Buyer’s Agency? ~ Advise and counsel a Buyer with unrestricted assistance. ~Prepare an estimate of

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