Power of Productivity Tool #6: Mental Toughness-Navy Seal Status

Power of Productivity Tool #6: Mental Toughness-Navy Seal Status


images-2What Can Navy SEALs Can Teach You About Being The Worlds Best Real Estate Agent A Navy SEAL is someone who has survived the most challenging military training in the world. Actually, the word SEAL stands for “Sea, air, and land fighting.” These guys do it all from swimming – with scuba gear and snorkeling gear on – all the way to jumping out of airplanes, parachuting and all the mili- tary stuff they do on land.  Those who pass the training demonstrate an almost super- human ability to keep functioning in very stressful situations.


It’s very much like the real estate and the mortgage business where situations can be very tense/very stressful on all the parties involved.  As a Navy SEAL you learn how to function effectively as opposed to going into your primitive fight and flight or freeze reaction. Imagine when the telephone rings and the appraisal comes in low; or the telephone rings and the FICA score is too low; or the telephone rings and the information that you get is that the client wants to bail out. For a SEAL, that’s like they’re out blowing things up or people are shooting at them. They need to have the mental tough- ness to really be strong under super-stressful situations. You might ask yourself, “Hey, what does this have to do with productivity and being a real great real estate agent or mortgage consultant?” It’s all about mental toughness.  Imagine the physical part of yourself is the hardware and the mental part is the software. What I’m learning right now, at a level I believe very few people will ever experience, is how to use my software.  The body never tells the mind what to do; the mind al- ways tells the body what to do. The software (your mind) runs the hardware (your body). Not the other way around.  There are four key mental techniques now being taught to SEAL candidates. It was around 15 years ago the SEALs started teaching these four techniques to combat a high dropout rate of some of the smartest people. The people who had the highest IQs seemed to be the ones that lacked the mental toughness. They were smart but not tough.
So the SEALs discovered that these four mental tech- niques can be taught to any willing person – like you. In the real estate and mortgage business there’s no better skill to master than mental toughness under stress. 


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