Help! My Home Inspection Report Is Overwhelming!

Help! My Home Inspection Report Is Overwhelming!

Home Inspection ReportFor many people, going through an home inspection can be overwhelming and scary. And while it’s necessary when buying home, to make sure you know as much about the property as possible before closing escrow, a lot of my clients turn to me for advice after receiving the report.

Luckily, I’ve been to enough home inspections to know what common items turn up often vs. things that are revealed that should have your shoes hitting the ground and running!

Here are a few tips to get you through that long, detailed, and sometimes confusing home inspection report:

1. There will ALWAYS be things that aren’t up to code. Why is that? Well, codes changes frequently, and while things may not be up to today’s code standards, it’s still ok if they were done up to code at the time the home was built or the remodel was done. 

2. Health & Safety items should be your #1 concern. Remember, doing a Repair Request is not necessarily a time to renegotiate the purchase price. Instead, look at it as a time to make sure the home is safe and reliable.  For example, if mold is detected in the home, make sure that it’s been mitigated by a licensed professional before taking ownership of the home.

3. Think of  your home inspection report as a diagnostics tool you can refer back to after you own the home. Many folks forget about that report after getting the keys to the home, but the truth is, that can be your greatest resource as a home owner to address issues that may come up or better  yet, help prevent future issues down the road. Fear of having future foundation issues? Remove any trees with roots that are within 15 feet of the home, and install rain gutters to direct moisture away from the foundation.

For more tips on navigating a home inspection report, or if your looking for an agent you can trust to guide you through the entire home buying process, contact me at:

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