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  • Spanish Revival For Sale in Golden Hill

    A beautiful Spanish home built in the 1920’s is currently for sale in the Golden Hill neighborhood, just east of Downtown San Diego. This featured home has 3 bedrooms (plus an optional detached bedroom,) 2 bathrooms; a formal dining room, laundry room and plenty of outdoor space in the back for entertaining. The historical charm of the home is apparent throughout and when you step out your front door the options are endless. Turn right for a quick trip to Starbucks, or the Saturday Golden Hill Farmer’s Market. Turn left, and hit the Golden Hill Park, local coffee shop Krakatoa, San Diego relic, Turf Club, or hip cocktail spot, Counterpoint. And if getting into the fun of the Gaslamp District, your an Uber ride away that will only cost you a couple of dollars. To find out more on this charming home for sale, or to learn more about the sought after neighborhood of Golden Hill, contact me at: –Carmen Harris, Real Estate Consultant

  • Golden Hill

    Today I want to let you in on a little secret called, “Golden Hill.” While most of you out there have heard of South Park by now, you may not know that that neighborhood plus the surrounding area all used to be known as “Golden Hill.” By now though, little pockets have began to identify themselves and Golden Hill has now become more established on it’s own. If walkability is important to you, than look no further. From the Starbucks on the corner of Broadway and 28th, which also hosts a Saturday Farmer’s Market, to your local coffee house, Krakatoa which sits right next door to one of San Diego’s landmarks, “Turf Club.” Or maybe strolling the park with views of downtown at Golden Hill Park and grabbing a slide of New York style pizza from Luigi’s is more your thing, you have all the options! To find out my top two picks of homes currently for sale in Golden Hill, email me at: -Carmen Harris, Real Estate Consultant & Neighborhood Expert!

  • The Truth About Ocean Beach

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    The Truth About Ocean Beach

    Host Jesse Ibañez has special guest, Greg Kuchan, Real Estate Consultant at The GreenHouse Group, to discuss The Truth about Ocean Beach California! Greg goes over why OB is an amazing place to live and all of the changes coming to the beautiful town in San Diego! Greg also was kind enough to leave you a list of his “Hot Picks” of Ocean Beach so make sure to click the link and check them out for yourself!  Interested in the 6227 Caminito Carrena property they talk about during the show? CLICK HERE for all the info! Remember to sign up for your FREE Home Buyer Class or FREE Home Seller Class! Seats are limited and this amazing class will not last forever so get your free tips now!! Make sure to download the Podcast below or subscribe to our channel on Youtube to check out all of our episodes! Click Here to subscribe to our non iTunes Podcast. SHOW NOTES: 6227 Caminito Carrena San Diego, CA 92122 Ocean Beach Hot Picks FREE Home Buyer Class W/ The GreenHouse Group FREE Home Seller Class W/ The GreenHouse Group

  • Activism At Its Finest With Robert Lynn

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    In this very special segment of Truth Radio we have Robert Lynn, owner of Law Offices of Robert H. Lynn, to discuss his work in the LGBT community here in San Diego. As a retired navy man who fought in the Vietnam war and now a litigator and real estate attorney, Robert is clearly a hard working and talented man. But not only has he done all of these things, but he has also made a tremendous impact in the LGBT community. In 1975, Robert got 25 of his closest friends together at his home and started a democratic club. This group was recognized by the San Diego Democratic community as the San Diego Democratic Club which is now Democrats for Equality. What this did was create a political voice for the LGBT world which it had never had before! If you would like to know more about Robert Lynn or would like to contact him you can visit his website or give him a call at (619) 233-9464. Make sure to download the Podcast below or subscribe to our channel on Youtube to check out all of our episodes! Click Here to subscribe to our non iTunes Podcast

  • Jesses Secret Stash: Episode 51 | Jeremy Beck

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    Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 51 | Jeremy Beck On State Of The Real Estate Market We got Jeremy Beck, Co-Owner of The GreenHouse Group and Mortgage Planning Extraordinaire on Jesse’s Secret Stash for your monthly “State Of The Real Estate Market” in San Diego. If you plan to buy or sell a home at some point in your life your going to want to hear what Jeremy & Jesse have to say. These two together make the perfect duo, full of years of experience and they are giving away free information like its candy! You won’t get this information from anyone else so make sure to watch this episode and build your knowledge of the market before you take the big leap of buying or selling your home! In this episode they go into stats for new home buyers and sellers and they also give you multiple reasons why NOW is the best time to either buy or sell a home. The rates have never been lower, and are only going up from here! So listen in for yourself and see why The GreenHouse Group is the place to go when buying or selling your first/next home!

  • Jesses Secret Stash: Episode 49 | Antonio Maldonado

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    Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 49 | Antonio Maldonado We got our first boarder crossing episode of Jesse’s Secret Stash! Antonio Maldonado, owner of Maldonado Law Group, comes onto “The Stash” to discuss the differences between USA & Mexico when it comes to business & real estate. He first discusses the major differences between USA & Mexico and how he obtained a law degree both in the US & Mexico. He then goes on to talk about outsourcing between the US & Mexico, as well as, the main differences when it comes to real estate. And trust me, after hearing what he has to say you’ll realize there are some huge differences! Finally, he talks about the number 1 mistake made by people trying to do business or buy property in Mexico. So click the link above and expand your knowledge before doing any business across the border!

  • Jesses Secret Stash: Episode 42 | Jeremy Beck

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    Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 42 | Jeremy Beck on Mid Year Real Estate Updates Jeremy Beck, Co-owner of The GreenHouse Group is back on the stash to give you some more tips and tricks of the trade. Him and Jesse talk about the buying & selling homes and how rates and many other things are affecting that process this year. Make sure to tune in and learn for yourself how to stay ahead of the game!

  • Jesses Secret Stash: Episode 41 | Steven Wendroff

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    Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 41 | Steven Wendroff on Steven Wendroff CPA We got Steven Wendroff, owner of Steven Wendroff CPA on Jesse’s Secret Stash to talk all things taxes. Steven comes on to talk about how his business has become one of the top CPA offices in San Diego. Using his simplicity and understanding approach he is able to connect with his customers and give them the easiest and best service out there. So make sure to check out Steven Wendroff CPA and his special Stash Coupon below!sh

  • Help! My Home Inspection Report Is Overwhelming!

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    For many people, going through an home inspection can be overwhelming and scary. And while it’s necessary when buying home, to make sure you know as much about the property as possible before closing escrow, a lot of my clients turn to me for advice after receiving the report. Luckily, I’ve been to enough home inspections to know what common items turn up often vs. things that are revealed that should have your shoes hitting the ground and running! Here are a few tips to get you through that long, detailed, and sometimes confusing home inspection report: 1. There will ALWAYS be things that aren’t up to code. Why is that? Well, codes changes frequently, and while things may not be up to today’s code standards, it’s still ok if they were done up to code at the time the home was built or the remodel was done.  2. Health & Safety items should be your #1 concern. Remember, doing a Repair Request is not necessarily a time to renegotiate the purchase price. Instead, look at it as a time to make sure the home is safe and reliable.  For example, if mold is detected in the home, make sure that it’s been mitigated by a licensed professional before taking ownership of the home. 3. Think of  your home inspection report as a diagnostics tool you can refer back to after you

  • Episode 36 | Kim & Ray Higgins

    Jul 15, 15 • Burrito • Jesse's Secret Stash Radio ShowNo CommentsRead More »

    Episode 36 | Kim & Ray Higgins on Higgins Capital Management We got Kimberly & Raymond Higgins, owners of Higgins Capital Management, on the stash to talk all things finance. Higgins Capital Management is so “G” that they trademarked the phrase Quarterback Money®. Higgins Capital Management is a family based business started by Raymond & Deborah Higgins in 1995. They have now brought on their daughter, Kimberly Higgins, as VP of the company. Together they are able to give their customers the best service possible by ensuring they get the full story. It’s not just about the numbers to them. They get to know there customers, their goals, as well as their faults to try and figure out the best solution possible for their life. If you got a lump sum of $1,000,000 would you know what to do with it? Don’t worry because Higgins Capital Management will guide you through the best possible steps for you. Download the Podcast Below

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