Great Life Hack for Anyone

Hey there, here is, what I think, is a great life hack for anyone.


Most people strive to improve upon themselves in business and in their own personal lives.  It is something that drives me to improve myself every day.  Whether it is to be a better agent for my home buyers and home sellers, be a better mortgage consultant for my mortgage loan clients, a better father to my kids, a better husband to my wife or a better friend to those dear to me.  I will always strive to do my best.  Though, in order to improve, one must also recognize areas that need improving.  So, with Father’s Day just passing by, I decided to share with you one thing that I tell my children, and that is:  “Take my Best, and Improve upon the Rest.”  There will always be certain things that we wish we could do better, and certain shortcomings that, for whatever reason, we just can’t seem to change.  So I tell my kids that I will always strive to do my best, and improve myself, to take the best I have to offer them in life, and then work on improving the areas, for themselves as they grow older, where they might think I have come up short.


Kind Regeards,

Craig Sutilff

Real Estate & Mortgage Consultant

The GreenHouse Group, Inc.


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