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  • Mortgage Rates Remain Low – Rents On The Rise

    With as little as 5% down their net mortgage payment would be $183/mo less than what they pay now in rent!

  • Brexit for Breakfast, yum!

    Brexit for Breakfast, yum! So what does England withdrawing from the European Union mean for the mortgage and real estate market? Well, as I’m sure you’re already aware, we have had a massive sell-off in the stock market.  The money that used to be invested in stocks, is now running to the safety of bonds.  With the increased demand for bonds the price of bonds increases which, consequently, pushes the interest rate, or yield, of those bonds down.   In turn, this translates into lower mortgage interest rates.  So if you are buying a home or refinancing your current mortgage right now, your timing could be no better.  Lower interest rates means lower payments and increased savings, something everyone loves!  Additionally on the real estate side, these lower interest rates will increase your purchasing power and will allow you afford a higher-priced home without an increase in your monthly payment!  The old adage that it only makes sense to refinance if you drop your interest rate by 1% made sense in the “old” days when most mortgage loans were around $100,000.  But, most people have mortgage loans ranging from $300,000 to $600,000 and even .500% drop in interest rates could save you tens of thousands of dollars.  So, for a free mortgage loan consultation to see if refinancing might make sense for you, or how much more purchasing power a lower rate will provide you, give me a call or shoot me an

  • Great Life Hack for Anyone

    Hey there, here is, what I think, is a great life hack for anyone. Most people strive to improve upon themselves in business and in their own personal lives.  It is something that drives me to improve myself every day.  Whether it is to be a better agent for my home buyers and home sellers, be a better mortgage consultant for my mortgage loan clients, a better father to my kids, a better husband to my wife or a better friend to those dear to me.  I will always strive to do my best.  Though, in order to improve, one must also recognize areas that need improving.  So, with Father’s Day just passing by, I decided to share with you one thing that I tell my children, and that is:  “Take my Best, and Improve upon the Rest.”  There will always be certain things that we wish we could do better, and certain shortcomings that, for whatever reason, we just can’t seem to change.  So I tell my kids that I will always strive to do my best, and improve myself, to take the best I have to offer them in life, and then work on improving the areas, for themselves as they grow older, where they might think I have come up short. Kind Regeards, Craig Sutilff Real Estate & Mortgage Consultant The GreenHouse Group, Inc. Email:

  • Home Buying Tips – Final Walkthrough

    Home Buying Tips!  A very important step in the home purchasing process, is the verification of property condition, or more commonly known as the final walk-through. There are 3 crucial steps to do in the final walk-through.  First of which is to verify that the repairs that were negotiated, were completed by the seller and done to the satisfaction of the buyer. For this, it is important to bring with you the home inspection report and the list of the items that were requested to be repaired. That way you can be thorough and verify that everything requested was addressed. The 2nd step is to verify that the property is in relatively the same condition as when the purchase contract was accepted. Often, people hire a moving company and sometimes damage occurs when moving the contents of a house. It is important to inspect the condition of the drywall and flooring to ensure no damage occurred. Now, the 3rd step, and probably most important thing to do in the final walk-through, I will ask that you get in touch with me by e-mail at or give me a quick call at 619-859-4954 and I will be happy to share this crucial step with you. You want to be sure not to close escrow until you have done this one final thing. I look forward to hearing from you. Craig

  • First Time Home Buyers? Maybe?

    Sometimes I get this call – “I think we want to be First Time Home Buyers?  Maybe?” That says it all.  Sometimes my clients-to-be don’t know where to start.  They certainly don’t want to walk into a bank and apply for a loan.  They also know what they don’t know: ** How much do we need for a down payment? ** Can I even afford a home where I want to live? ** Should I pay off debt or save for a down payment? ** How much does a $400k home cost monthly anyway? These are all great and important questions.  If it were me, I’d want to know too!  That why I meet with folks that aren’t yet certain if buying is for them at all.  We start buying creating a mortgage plan to get you ready when the time is right.  That could be 2 months to a year down the road.  What I find is that, with the right plan, most people are ready faster than thought they could be. If you know someone who could use that kind of help and guidance email me now by clicking here, or click my name below to learn more about me first. Jeremy Beck Mortgage Planner Help for First Timers / All Timers / No Timers

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