The Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home is

The Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home depends on where you live.  But, here in San Diego, we don’t suffer pronounced slow down in the market like many other areas in the country.  And I have found that November is a great month to buy a home and get some good deals.  And if you are selling a home, you will be dealing with a lot of SERIOUS buyers.

There are many homes on the market that didn’t sell during the summer months, either because they were priced to high, or they may need more renovation work than buyers wanted to take on.  With effective and skilled negotiations, these properties can be picked up for a great price.

Please call me for more information, I would love to help you get a deal or sell your home.

Craig Sutliff

Real Estate Consultant & Mortgage Planner


Cell: 619-857-4954

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