“So I’ve got this rental..” | The one about “Not Selling” right now

“So I’ve got this rental..” | The one about “Not Selling” right now

FOMO it preys on the long-tailed wisdom of buying and holding investment vehicles all the time.⁣

In the last episode we talked about timing and we linked timing to an event horizon. We talked about taking advantage of selling💵 while the market is high but making sure that conversation is occurring inside of a container called an event horizon. We’ve been using a framework of about 60 months right now no because we have a crystal ball🔮 but simply because it’s a good place to have a more nuanced conversation about what we would actually do with that money💰 if we did sell now.⁣

Well, here’s a great conversation🤩 to have if you fall on the other side of that event horizon and you have no intentions of selling any time soon. It does not mean that they’re still isn’t some strategic moves to be made within the position.⁣

Firstly, if the property🏘️ is a problem and you’re not having fun anymore, fire yourself if you’re the property manager or fire the current incumbent and think about linking up with some real pros like Good Life.⁣
This could also be a time to harvest a little bit of the capital💸, put it back into the property, still secure a ridiculously low rate, increased do you know why maybe even the LTV with increase in the value and keeping the payment nice and low.⁣

Maybe it’s time to rethink🤔 a 1031 strategy, if you’d rather just start fresh. There’s a lot of integrated complexities to flush out with each of these options to see which one, if any are right for you to take advantage of while the market is so high in the rates are still low.⁣

Hit Steve or Jesse up any time to brainstorm some of these ideas💭 on the back of a napkin, for you we’ve got all of the team and resources in place to help solve your “so I got this rental” problems.⁣

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