San Diego Real Estate 2021 : Market Swing?!

San Diego Real Estate 2021 : Market Swing?!

Hey Gang!!⁣

Love me some keeping current matters, thumbing through socials this morning I saw this chart come up, great opportunity to shine a light on the nuance of numbers, charts, graphs.⁣

I’m a numbers nerd, self-anointed, and the perspective is what’s key on this right here. We’re in this conversation about timing and the interesting thing about the timing is that if you look at the first chart and you’re a seller, it looks like, you missed the boat. Now, if we look at the second chart, it’s still like “White Hot liquid Magma Sauce” for sellers.⁣

That confluence of the circumstance of demand meeting low inventory, like fiat money right now in the mortgage markets. If you sell it, you’re fine. The opportunity though in this math that I’m encouraged by is for the buyers. For buyers, it has been soul-crushing for a hot minute. You’re still shopping for front doors, but what you’re really buying is a monthly payment. The monthly payments have never been low even though astronomically the sale prices have never been higher. It’s been brutal like so many people fell by the wayside of attrition. A great opportunity may be to establish just a little bit of parity once more again.⁣

Is it a balanced market?⁣

Hell to the no, but maybe just a little opportunity for maybe⁣
it to behave and feel. We’re just a slight sense and semblance of normalcy to be able to throw that hat back into that ring and get out in the home hunt before the rates go up for good right there.⁣

So hit us up if you are looking at either side of that, you’re the seller on left trying to time it. Good job, let’s get the damn thing done. If you’re a buyer let’s get that that conversation reflamed right now, if that’s true for you.⁣

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