Brett & Berna’s Celebration Day & Testimonial “From Short Sale to DREAM HOME!”

Brett & Berna got what they deserved.  And it could happen to you next!


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Brett & Berna’s Story of Recreating “Home”

How Could This Have Happened?

Once upon a time … There lived a beautiful family named “The Moore’s.” They were bursting at the seams with a growing family, in a great home – but with a situation that just wouldn’t do.

Every day while time passed they felt more and more trapped by this home, not by any fault of their own, but simply because of this terrible loan.

One day, because of a mutual friend and past client of mine, they were introduced to me and quickly realized that there WAS something could be done – and we got to work ASAP.

Because of that they were able to free themselves of that burden, sell the home correctly, and begin the healing process both emotionally and financially.


Because of that they chose to actively invest in themselves over the next few years and were able to rebuild their long held impeccable financial profile back up to the standards which they had always identified with.

Because of that they were able to get prequalified to buy once again, and returned to the market to get back up on their feet again with a proper family home (and a proper loan)!

Until finally the day came when we found the home of their dreams, were able to negotiate a great price for them to get it, and delivered the keys on this glorious day above.

And that’s what we do:  we help move people with purpose, by helping write their personal stories of “home.” – Jesse Ibañez

Huddling Up & Coming Up w/ the Plan on Day 1.


After a long journey, the day for KEYS finally came!

Celebration Day Complete! =1st day of the rest of their lives!

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Jesse Ibanez, Short Sale Expert & Full Circle (sale to purchase) Aficionado 🙂


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