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  • Which Season Is Prime Time For Homeselling?

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    By RACHAEL EVERLY Rachael Everly is a student in Miami, Florida. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook.  Email Rachael Everly. Buying and selling real estate requires juggling different dynamics and market conditions, planning, calculating and the ability to forecast problems to ensure a lucrative deal.There has always been some doubt surrounding the best time of the year for selling a home, which mainly depends on the season that will give a property an awe-inspiring look, adding to its perceived value. Other factors might come into play such as space, location and accessibility, but the right season can provide a better look for homesellers and highly increase their chances of closing a deal. When is the right time to sell? The art of choosing a particular season to sell doesn’t require a meteorology degree. Before clients decide the time is right, they need to delve in and do thorough homework about market conditions with a real estate agent. During recessions, the number of homebuyers is relatively low, and the market trends with a low demand pattern, which causes prices to fall. But when the economy experiences steady growth and interest rates are low, demand for buying increases, and this eventually causes prices to rise as well. Choosing the right season Some claim that the spring is the best season, and others swear by autumn. Either way, buyers’ decision will ultimately be affected by personal factors and economic conditions. The best way to go about selling in a particular

  • Home Prices + Safe Loans = More Renters

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    According to an August study released by Zillow 86% of renters don’t have the income or credit to buy a home in their local markets.  With home price increases and lenders more concerned with originating safe loans to avoid falling out of compliance and under the scrutiny of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau many people are excluded from the home ownership conversation. While this may seem like one more post about how hard it is to get a loan what bothers me the most are hearing stories about people who never tried because they assumed it wasn’t possible for them.  Home ownership may not be possible for you today but with the right mortgage plan you’ll know exactly when that day will be.  To find out just how soon that day is in your future click here. By David Hughson Mortgage Planner 858-863-

  • Is This Your Best Chance Yet To Buy A Home?

    For most first time home buyers the biggest challenge they face is coming up with the funds needed for down payment. This leaves few financing options that can mean many wait on the sidelines until the money needed is saved.  Here in San Diego county that can mean the difference between home ownership and being a life long renter.  With increasing enhancements to home loan guidelines being rolled out there usually won’t make a big difference but when several of these improvements are combined it can be a big boost to a person’s purchase power and dream of home ownership. Recently, Freddie Mac made some reductions to their Home Possible MI factors at 97% loan-to-value.  The table to the left outlines the advantages of the Home Possible program over the Home Ready program.  Combined with their updated income limits higher cost areas like San Diego County are now more accessible to those in need of a low down payment and lower monthly payment option.  This could be a great alternative to FHA financing because it could offer a better long term loan option.  Is this your best chance yet to buy a home?  To find out click that link in the previous sentence and let’s find out.  With the right mortgage plan you’ll know when your dream of home ownership will be a reality.   By David Hughson Mortgage Planner

  • Spanish Revival For Sale in Golden Hill

    A beautiful Spanish home built in the 1920’s is currently for sale in the Golden Hill neighborhood, just east of Downtown San Diego. This featured home has 3 bedrooms (plus an optional detached bedroom,) 2 bathrooms; a formal dining room, laundry room and plenty of outdoor space in the back for entertaining. The historical charm of the home is apparent throughout and when you step out your front door the options are endless. Turn right for a quick trip to Starbucks, or the Saturday Golden Hill Farmer’s Market. Turn left, and hit the Golden Hill Park, local coffee shop Krakatoa, San Diego relic, Turf Club, or hip cocktail spot, Counterpoint. And if getting into the fun of the Gaslamp District, your an Uber ride away that will only cost you a couple of dollars. To find out more on this charming home for sale, or to learn more about the sought after neighborhood of Golden Hill, contact me at: –Carmen Harris, Real Estate Consultant

  • HomeBuyers: Get THIS Free Report!

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  • Competition Top Concern For Home Buyers: How to Stay Competitive

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    Competition Top Concern For Home Buyers: How to Stay Competitive Home buying is becoming more competitive with a depleting inventory. That means now, more than ever it’s important to write strong offers. And if you are using financing to acquire your new home, that means starting with a full pre approval. At the GreenHouse Group we always do a full income analysis, asset analysis, and identify a lender before sending your loan file through an automated underwriting system. This ensures us the highest level of confidence that our loans will close. So if you are working with a big bank, and skeptical that you were issued a letter without the above mentioned steps being taken, email me at, and we’ll be happy to take a look at your situation and issue you an approval that you can shop confidently with

  • “Home Inspections, Closing Costs & Fed Interest Rates?” #AskJesseHow Show | Episode 3

    #AskJesseHow Show | Home Buyer & Home Seller FAQ’s | Episode 3 This episode we talk about Home Inspections / Closing Costs / Fed Rates and my mortgage rates? Gang, Need your help here. First off, I’m looking for some feedback to see how I can make this series work best for you. Suggestions, format, etc. Thank you in advance for that. Secondly, I’m looking for some questions for our next show. I’d prefer they come from you, our immediate crew, versus “the internets.” Use this post, use twitter, use facebook, use instagram … which ever platform works best for you, by simply using the hashtags #FTHB (for first time home buyer) or #FTHS (for first time home seller) #FAQ’s (for frequently asked questions). Others that will work: #homebuyers #homesellers Looking forward to this being a cool tool for both of us: you to get some good questions answered and our opportunity to swim a little further upstream and meet you where youre at

  • Logan Heights

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    I want to let you in on a little secret….one of the oldest areas in San Diego with one of the best locations is about to get the credit it deserves…. ! For years now, people have either not heard of Logan Heights or found it less than desirable in terms of real estate. And in my opinion, all of that is about to change. Situated in a prime location near downtown and close to the Coronado Bridge, the area of Logan Heights and Barrio Logan is finding itself morphing into the cool, underground area to grab a bite to eat and experience some of San Diego’s most vibrant culture. With places like Border X Brewing and Salud to grab local craft beer and some of the best tacos in town, this is definitely an area you should check out. And while home prices are steadily on the uptick, it’s still one of the more affordable areas, although it’s my bet, it won’t last long. There are a few homes currently for sale in the hopper, and if you are curious to know more about them, email me at: Enjoy the area while it’s still relatively unknown! -Carmen Harris, Real Estate Consultant

  • Question you MUST ask when buying a home

    Here is a Question you MUST ask when buying a home. As they say, buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make in your life. What THEY never tell you is all the important intricacies and decisions that come up AFTER you find that perfect home. Craig Sutliff here with The GreenHouse Group.  I’d like to talk to you briefly about one of those important decisions that seems innocent enough, and that is obtaining home insurance. Now the lender is going require you to have insurance on the property that they’re financing, that makes sense.  But, not all insurance policies are not created equal. The lender requires, what is called, a Fire and Hazard policy, to cover the home.  What THEY don’t tell you, is what is NOT covered inside your home. Many people own valuable things, such as: coin collections, stamp collections, sports memorabilia or card collections, firearms, or jewelry such as wedding rings….all of these important and valuable items are NOT covered by a standard policy. To have these items covered you’ll need to purchase what are called an insurance Riders for any of those specific items. Now, most buyers will wait until late into a real estate transaction before they contact an insurance agent or broker, and many times after they have removed all their contingencies and their earnest money deposit essentially belongs

  • The Biggest Story of 2016

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    What is the biggest story of 2016?  Is it that interest rates are as low now as they were when they reached their bottom in the spring of 2013? No, it’s that nobody is talking about it.  I’ve been reaching out to my past clients during the first quarter and just this month I’m starting to see more activity.  Meaning, people are realizing that looking at a refinance is certainly worth their time and could save them money even if they purchased their home or refinanced in 2015. In my experience most people will qualify for the new loan which leaves the bigger question which is the value of their home. To find out free of charge if your home’s value will open an opportunity to refinance click this link.       By David Hughson Mortgage Planner 858-863-

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