Question you MUST ask when buying a home

Here is a Question you MUST ask when buying a home.


As they say, buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make in your life. What THEY never tell you is all the important intricacies and decisions that come up AFTER you find that perfect home. Craig Sutliff here with The GreenHouse Group.  I’d like to talk to you briefly about one of those important decisions that seems innocent enough, and that is obtaining home insurance. Now the lender is going require you to have insurance on the property that they’re financing, that makes sense.  But, not all insurance policies are not created equal. The lender requires, what is called, a Fire and Hazard policy, to cover the home.  What THEY don’t tell you, is what is NOT covered inside your home. Many people own valuable things, such as: coin collections, stamp collections, sports memorabilia or card collections, firearms, or jewelry such as wedding rings….all of these important and valuable items are NOT covered by a standard policy. To have these items covered you’ll need to purchase what are called an insurance Riders for any of those specific items. Now, most buyers will wait until late into a real estate transaction before they contact an insurance agent or broker, and many times after they have removed all their contingencies and their earnest money deposit essentially belongs to the seller, if the buyer were to back out of the transaction. there is one question that you absolutely must ask your insurance agent or broker early in on, especially before you remove you are contingencies. And if you do not ask this question it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and turn that perfect home into a nightmare and a money pit.  To find out what this all-important question is just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and I’d be happy to share that information with you until next time happy house hunting and if you are looking for a dedicated real estate consultant that will help you find the home your dreams negotiatelike a pitbull, and somebody that’s a true consultant in our sales person I’d be happy to help you. just reach out to me the contact information below. Thanks for watching, take care.


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