Yes! We Do Government Loans

Yes!  We do government loans.  I was at a friend’s home on the 4th of July who asked me what the minimum down payment requirement is for a home purchase here in San Diego.  He was surprised to hear me say 3.5%.  He was even more surprised to hear that if an individual is VA eligible they can finance 100% of the purchase price.   While my friend is not a veteran he knows someone who is which means he qualifies for the best home loan anywhere.  You may not be a veteran who can qualify for a VA loan and you may not want an FHA loan so it’s important to know there are also conventional loan options that finance up to 95% of the purchase price and allow the 5% down payment to be gift funds virtually making this option 100% financing.  But wait, don’t be so quick to dismiss FHA.  Many times for those who have limited funds available for down payment FHA financing offers them more purchase power.

The GreenHouse GroupHere is a quick-hitter list of benefits government loans offer:


3.5% down payment (.5% down payment with CHDAP 2nd TD)

580 minimum credit score

No reserves required

Cash out refinances to 85% loan-to-value

Transferrable appraisal



100% financing

No mortgage insurance

Lowest interest rates

Purchase and cash out options

Eligible properties include SFR, modular homes, PUDs, and VA approved condos



Max loan amount of $417,000

Up to 100% financing

Up to 102% financing

640 minimum credit score

Purchase and rate & term options


By David Hughson




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