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  • Time to Update Your Pre Approval

    Apr 4, 16 • Fat Ashton • Purchase LoanNo CommentsRead More »

    Time to Update Your Pre Approval Most of you who have been out there shopping for a little bit, are most likely shopping on a pre-approval based off 13′ and or 14′ taxes.  Well now that the 2015 Tax deadline has come and gone, most of you have probably filed your 2015 Taxes. So it’s time to update that pre-approval with your new tax information. To dot hat it’s a simple as shooting me an e-mail with your 2015 taxes at  

  • Rate Shopping – 2 Things You Need To Know

    Feb 29, 16 • Fat Ashton • Mortgage RatesNo CommentsRead More »

    Rate Shopping – 2 Things You Need To Know Scott Van Vugt here at the GreenHouse Group, and if you are out there comparing rates I have 2 things you need to know before making a decision. If you have questions on what those might be, or how they might affect you, email me at:

  • Taxes – What You Need To Know Before You File

    Feb 22, 16 • Fat Ashton • Purchase Loan, Refinancing, Things to Look Out ForNo CommentsRead More »

    Taxes – What You Need To Know Before You File Looking to buy a home, or looking to Refinance the one you got? Lenders have a different way at looking at expenses on your taxes, and I’ll tell you what you need to know before filing. Questions on the video or want to learn more? email me at:

  • 2016 Changes in Lending

    Feb 8, 16 • Fat Ashton • Loan ProgramsNo CommentsRead More »

    2016 Changes in Lending Well here we are at the beginning of another wonderful year, and this year just like last year, we are seeing the county loan limits go up for San Diego county. The High Balance Conforming  loan limit is going from 562,350 up to 580,750. That’s an increase of $18,400. On top of that, minimum down payment requirements fro High Balance Conforming Loans are decreasing from 10% down to 5% down! What this means for you? If you were shopping at the threshold of the county loan limits, your purchase power just went up by almost 20k. And if you were trying to get into a home in the 500’s or up with minimum out of pocket expense, you might be able to just cut that down payment in half. Of course everyone’s situation is different, and if you want to know how these changes will affect your pre-approval, e-mail me at 

  • Rocket Mortgages Crash Land

    Did you see the commercials?  They were in heavy rotation during the divisional round games of the NFL playoffs and again during the conference championship games yesterday.  The Rocket Mortgage offered by Quicken Loans makes it appear that the only thing you need to get a mortgage is 2 minutes and a smart phone.  As quickly as that rocket can launch it can crash land even quicker. Now before you think I’m spreading the hate here it’s important to know that I’m a Quicken Loan approved broker and have access to the Rocket Mortgage they advertise on TV.  When I send a loan to Quicken the normal turn around time for an approval is 30 minutes.  Pretty good, right?  But the night and day difference between me sending them a loan and you typing in a few bits of info into your smart phone is the fact that before anything is sent to them or any other lender I’ve completed a thorough review of your credit and financial profile.  What consumers may not realize is that at some point an underwriter at Quicken Loans will be requesting your complete credit and financial profile anyway which reduces the rocket-launch beginning to what it truly is, a gimmick. Would you like to supply this information in the beginning of your loan process or several weeks into your loan process.  If you choose

  • Longer Escrow Periods Starting…NOW!

    Dec 14, 15 • CarMama • Home Buyers, UncategorizedNo CommentsRead More »

    Even if it’s your first time buying a home, you probably know a thing or two about the process and timelines and like most folks, you would expect about a 30 days escrow, correct? While that was typically the case not long ago, a few things have changed recently that will affect the length of escrow. There are new TRID guidelines that have just taken place in the lending world. Part of these are new waiting periods that occur, extending escrow by approximately a week or so. It’s the holidays! If you haven’t noticed, there is less inventory in San Diego County this time of year. And while that makes it difficult as a buyer in finding the home of your dreams, there is a positive to it as well. That positive, is the fact that there are also less buyers in the market during this time of year. So once you find yourself with an accepted offer, you’ll want to account for the fact that escrow offices, banks, etc. are not open on holidays…which means you’ll want a longer escrow period to cover yourself and not be forced to close late. For other helpful real estate tips, email me at: & Happy Holidays! –Carmen Harris, ABR, GREEN,

  • Fewer Than 1% Of People Pay Off Their Home Loan Early

    Dec 7, 15 • Huggy • How To Buy A HomeNo CommentsRead More »

    There are so many services offered these days that you can literally outsource your life.  All you have to do is look at the capability of your smart phone to know we’re living in an amazing time of convenience.  Breaking myself out of old ways of thinking means I now run towards technology where I used to avoid it. Now I don’t think technology should replace everything because the experience of doing something yourself is often it’s own reward.  For example, you can have Thanksgiving dinner prepared, gift wrapped, and delivered to your front door but the experience of making it yourself is far more satisfying.  And it tastes better when you’re the one who made it. When it comes to your home loan I say let technology help you help yourself.  What I mean is sign up for a bi-weekly payment plan and have half payments deducted from your checking and savings account every two weeks.  By setting it up so that the deduction from your account happens right after pay day means you’ll be on auto-pilot to huge savings.  Now some people will say that making one extra payment per year, say after receiving their Christmas bonus, is the same thing as 26 bi-weekly payments because you’re making 13 total payments.  They are right, it is the same thing.  But what are the chances that you make that

  • Google Could Be Your Next Mortgage Broker

    Nov 30, 15 • Huggy • Mortgage RatesNo CommentsRead More »

    By Kathryn Vasel of CNN Money The tech giant launched Google Compare for mortgages on Monday that will allow potential home buyers to find and compare home loans. When looking to buy a home, experts recommend shopping around to find the best mortgage terms. With Google Compare, users will be able to enter personal information, including property value, down payment size and approximate credit score to get tailored results. The results will also show lenders’ ratings and reviews. Homeowners can also use the tool to refinance their mortgages. The product is currently only available in California, but the company plans to expand into other states. Google is registered as a licensed mortgage broker. Though the company won’t be financing mortgages, it will aggregate quotes from local and national lenders it has partnered with, includingZillow (Z) and Lending Tree (TREE), in order to help users find the best mortgage. Google (GOOG) acknowledged that lender participation is based on a flexible cost-per-lead model, which means the company is paid by the mortgage lenders. To contact a mortgage professional click here David Hughson Mortgage Planner 858-863-0264  

  • Budgeting For Closing Costs

    Nov 16, 15 • CarMama • Home BuyersNo CommentsRead More »

    I came across some great information for prospective home buyers regarding the closing costs needed when buying a home. According to Pat Setter over at the Union Tribune, “Closing costs are an assortment of expenses incurred during the home-buying process. Some of these expenses, for which the buyer is responsible, are lender fees (the portion the lender is charging for services), title and escrow fees (amount these companies are charging for their services) as well as advance payments for items such as homeowner’s insurance and property taxes, known as impounds. Title insurance premiums are also covered. The biggest closing fee, the real estate commission, is the seller’s responsibility. “The most important thing consumers should know about the closing costs is that everyone calculates them at a different rate,” said Jaclyn Giaquinto, an escrow administrator at Lawyers Title. There is no flat fee or percentage of the home’s cost. These closing costs will not come as a surprise. Buyers get an estimate of costs early in the buying process. When applying for a mortgage, buyers will receive a Loan Estimate. That form, which has been in effect since Oct. 3, will not only include the amount of a loan and the monthly payments, it will also include the closing costs. It must be provided to the buyer within three days of a loan application. The new Loan Estimate form is part of

  • Why Is Escrow Shorter For All Cash Buyer’s?

    Oct 5, 15 • CarMama • Home BuyersNo CommentsRead More »

    I recently had clients who were asking me why the escrow period is shorter for their parents who are buying a home than from when they were buying a home and the answer to that is simple: NO LOAN. Like most of us, when home buyer’s get a loan to buy a home, the average escrow period lasts from 30-35 days. But for those out there who are buying with cash, it can be as short as 2 weeks. Why is that? Well the answer really lies with the lender. The loan process is much more involved as it requires step like getting an appraisal, in addition to all of the information needed to qualify for a mortgage. If you are buying with cash, you can skip the appraisal process and simply wire your funds to escrow. And while some things remain the same, like the suggestion of getting a home inspection no matter what, that can be done within the first week of escrow. Each buyer’s situation is unique so when you hear people say, “it only took us 17 days to buy a home,” remember that they probably didn’t go through the somewhat arduous process of getting a home loan. For more information on the home buying process email me!  

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