Immediate Credit Score Improvement

Immediate Credit Score Improvement

In addition to an active purchase market we are in the middle of a mini refinance boom right now.  Many people are looking to take advantage of their home’s appreciation and the super-low interest rates to improve their repayment terms by refinancing their current home loans.

The GreenHouse GroupAs always is the case credit score plays a big role in determining someone’s final interest rate.  What you may not know is that credit-score requirements for home loans are broken down into 20 point tiers. They typically start at 580 and cap out at 740.  The tiers start at 580, 600, 620, and so on until you reach 740.  While the credit score range is much broader than that (the range is 300-850) what those numbers mean is if you have a credit score lower than 580 we need to spend some time improving/repairing it before you apply for a home loan and if your score is 740+ then there is no need to improve your score prior to applying for a home loan.

But what if your credit score is a 671 and you’re wondering what credit score improvement could mean to your final interest rate?  How do you start that process prior to applying for a loan?

We can show you exactly what to do by running a “what if” simulator.  This simulator let’s us run several scenarios that tell you down to the dollar what paying down a credit card will do or getting rid of an old collection will do to immediately improve your credit score.  Once the action is complete we then perform a Rapid Rescore with the credit bureaus to complete the loop.  The results are not guaranteed but always effective.  How does the process start? To find out click my name below.

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By David Hughson

Your Immediate Credit Score Improverer


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