Why Credit Dispute Items on your Credit Report can Hurt not Help – 3 Easy Steps for Removal

In an effort to clean up their credit, many folks Dispute items on their credit reports.  That’s a common method for fighting things that you feel you do not owe or shouldn’t be on your report.  But what most people don’t know is that can actually hurt your ability to get financing on your home.  Lenders have now found out that when you have an item marked as “Disputed” on your report, your scores are not accurately reflected as they would be if that item was not disputed.  So, in order to get a loan for refinancing or purchasing a home Lenders now require you to remove those dispute marks.

That can be a little intimidating and even tricky.  But before you go pay some credit company hundreds or even thousands of dollars, try these simple steps yourself.  It should save you time, money, and some headaches.

  1. Start with the Credit Bureaus – Call them or go online and ask for the dispute remarks to be removed.  If you have a credit report already you can get the contact info there.  Or you can goto www.annualcreditreport.com
  2. You can also call the creditor directly and let them know that you are not disputing the item.  They can then remove the Dispute Remark next time they report to the bureaus.
  3. Finally, if you can’t get it fixed call me!  We do this successfully for our clients all the time in preparation for financing.

If you have any questions feel free to email me by clicking here for more info.

Jeremy | Mortgage Planner / Owner | Credit Protector!

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