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Meet The Team The GreenHouse Group

Thanks for wanting to meet us & perhaps get a chance to know a little bit more about who we are.  Maybe this quick “hello” video is a good place to start:

By now, you can tell that we consider ourselves a “Purpose Based” group.  We believe in what Picasso said, which was: “The meaning in life is to find our gift.  The purpose is to give it away.”  So here’s a more personal angle on what we believe “our gifts” are & what our contribution is to you:
Cool.  Now that we got all that proper suit and tie stuff out of the way, and we broached the more personal gift angle, let’s share a good laugh.  Here’s The GreenTeam informally showcasing their take on “the lighter side” of Real Estate with our own Open House:

The GreenHouse Group is a full service, one-stop shop, offering comprehensive purpose-based real estate solutions for buyers, sellers, landlords, investors and homeowners just looking for a better loan. What makes us truly unique from almost any other firm out there is that The GreenTeam is, well, a TEAM.  While most of real estate is dominated by the “solopreneur” – one person doing it all – our experience was that (while more lucrative for the agent) it does not serve YOUR best interest.  Instead, we have broken the process down into its 4 most basic components (REALTOR, Lender, Closing Team, Client Care Team).  We then hand selected each member of the team, some within the industry and some out, whom specializes on Mastery for just his or her specific role in the our client’s 6-Step Process.  The team model allows us to exist in the highest capacity possible in order to blow your mind with the best buying, selling or borrowing experience imaginable!  The firm is people-powered by a passionate team (half of which are members of our own family!) all of which are accomplished professionals with extensive expertise in all aspects of real estate transactions.  Our dependable and dedicated agents educate and lead our buyers, sellers and landlords all throughout the process of getting you from where you are to where you want to be. We partner closely with an ongoing list of local professionals including contractors, specialized tradesman, home inspectors, etc. — partnerships that boast a proven, profitable track record that we extend to our family of clients.


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Real Estate Consultants

Jesse Ibanez Real Estate Consultant @ The GreenHouse Group Jesse Ibañez, Real Estate Consultant | Co-Founder
REALTOR, CDPE, SFR, GREEN, Certified Green-REP, Author, Radio Show Host
CalBRE License #: 01405643 | | 858-863-0263
andrea Andrea Ibañez, Real Estate Consultant | REALTOR, CNE, CTC, IBA
CalBRE License #: 01896050 | | 858-863-0260 x 110
christine Christine Vasquez, Real Estate Consultant, Celebration Team Manager | REALTOR, CTC
CalBRE License #: 01487627 | | 858-863-0260
Carmen Harris Real Estate Consultant @ The GreenHouse Group Carmen Harris, Real Estate Consultant | REALTOR, GREEN
CalBRE License #: 01944416 | | 858-863-0260
Craig Sutliff Craig Sutliff, Real Estate Consultant & Mortgage Planner | REALTOR

 CalBRE License #: 01735288 / NMLS License #: 238632 | 858.863.0260

greg-bw Greg Kuchan, Real Estate Consultant | REALTOR

 CalBRE License #: 01977577 | 858.863.0260

anahi-headshot-2015-bw Anahi Vazquez, Real Estate Consultant | REALTOR

 CalBRE License #: 01935267 | | 858.863.0260


Mortgage Planners

Jeremy Beck, Mortgage Planner | Co-Founder
CalBRE License #: 01404189 / NMLS License #: 322621 | 858-863-0262
dave (1 of 1) David Hughson, Mortgage Planner, Broker of Record
CalBRE License #: 01391065 / NMLS License #: 322637 | 858-863-0264
GHG Front 2013_jaime Carlos Jaime, Mortgage Planner
CalBRE License #: 01433605 / NMLS License #: 344682 | 949-278-0518
Scott Van Vught Scott Van Vugt, Mortgage Planner
CalBRE License #: 01988383 / NMLS License #: 1424494 | 858-863-0260 xt.114

Client Care Team

Renata (1 of 1) Renata Hamdan, Client Care Team & Home Stager | 858-863-0260 xt.110

ana-headshot-2015-bw Ana Hernandez, Client Care Team | 858.863.0260 xt.117

Vicki (1 of 1) Vicky Berger, Client Care Team | 858-863-0260 x 115

The GreenHouse Group, Inc. | Real Estate Consulting & Mortgage Planning. "Moving People With Purpose."

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