You’ve never seen a ‘Mothership’ Stormcell like this.

You’ve never seen a ‘Mothership’ Stormcell like this.

stormcell  There are many different types of thunderstorms out there, but none are as other-worldly as low-precipitation supercells, mostly referred to as “LP supercells.” These storms have a rotating current of rising air known as an updraft, giving them the appearance of spaceships with a striated, rotating cloud base. Storm chasers refer to them as “motherships.”

You can see the incredible footage of the stormcell in this time-lapse video

With the weather causing all types of problems around the globe and here in the United States, I think we can expect this upcoming storm season to be epic.  Already our east coast is experiencing floods,  the mid-west with tornadoes and the west coast with drought.   This leaves many wondering what they need to do to be prepared.

Since I am in San Diego I will cover a few things you can do on the west coast to be prepared for the continuation of this once in a century drought we are currently experiencing.

1) Obviously have plenty of spare drinking water around. (meaning multiple gallons for each person, about 1-2 weeks worth)

2) Use water sparingly! Don’t allow the faucet to run excessively and lawn maintenance should be a last priority

3) Stay cool and don’t overheat- with many SoCal homes air conditioning isn’t included.  So,  Watch this video for a cool and cheap AirConditioner trick

This is just a quick few to get you started…. What others can you think of? Any cool tricks?

Let me know by commenting below or Email me- Sam Logan

Also, here a link to my last video regarding Climate Change- West-Arctic Ice Melting is ‘Unstoppable’


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