What Will My Mortgage Payment Be?

What Will My Mortgage Payment Be?

Grigory Perelman is the mathematician who solved the Poincare conjecture but I wonder if he has ever tried to figure out a home loan payment using an online mortgage calculator?  Getting a home loan is not easy.  Despite what you may read online, see on TV, or pay attention to in the mass media it’s a lot of work for both the borrower and the loan source to successfully cross the finish line.  Evidence of this can be found right from the start of one’s journey to home ownership when they ask the most common and basic home ownership question which is “what will my mortgage payment be?”.  This should be easy to figure out and you’d think that with online mortgage calculators readily available this would be a no brainer, right?  Not so fast Grigory Perelman.


Try this experiment, Google mortgage calculator and see what pops up. While the difference in calculated payments can be minimal they often times vary widely.  But even with minor differences how is it different at all?  It’s math for Perelmansakes!


So far we here at The GreenHouse Group have been able to calculate mortgage payments that actually are the payments our clients can expect to pay.  While that is not impressive in the slightest what is impressive is the Mortgage Plan we put together for our clients which shows them exactly what their home purchase power is.


If you’d like to see what $100 dollars/month = in home purchase power click here.


By David Hughson

Mortgage Planner | Fields Medal Non Winner


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