What Happens After A Home Inspection?

Did you discover items during the home inspection that surprised you?  After a home inspection, you’ll receive a detailed Home Inspection Report.  The summary will be a lengthy size, but don’t be alarmed!  No single home is perfect and inspectors have to disclose everything about a property, so that will include missing sink stoppers and old water heaters too!  Remember, the report is the property profile and a diagnostics tool for your records and future use for potential upgrades, repairs, or simply to take preventive measures.  So, while some items are pretty common in almost every home, the rule of thumb is:  if it is a health and safety issue, we as your representatives will be all over it!  You should have a conversation with your agent about the report to discuss your concerns, talk about your options, get your agent’s opinion, and put together what is called a Request For Repairs, this request will go out to the Seller so it requires a great deal of strategy.  We will discuss the do’s and don’ts of drafting a Request For Repairs next time, but for a list of the most common discoveries at home inspections, shoot me line to the info below:  Anahi@greenmeansgrow.com or at 858.381.2621.  Till next time and happy house hunting!

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