Things to watch out for after you buy a home

Things to watch out for after you buy a home

Because owning a home is a matter of public record, buying a home gets you on the mother of all mailing lists.  You’re now a target for all sorts of advertising.  Some of it’s good as you now know where the local Home Depot is and which brand of plunger is on sail this week.  However, there are some things to watch out for after you buy a home.

There is a group of advertisers that that prey directly on new homeowners.  They primarily sell things you don’t need.  The biggest problem is that they’ve gotten really good at being deceptive without technically breaking the law.  For example, one mailer you’re sure to get is the one about how you should have a copy of your deed of trust, and that you can order it now for cost of  ___$.   This letter looks as if it came directly from some sort of public institution.  But don’t be fooled!  It’s a 3rd party that simply wants you to pay them for something you could do yourself.  Worse yet is that you probably already have a copy of your deed in the docs you received at your final loan doc signing.

Of course not all of the mail you receive is illegitimate.  My best advice is that when you’re in doubt just give me a shout.  Scan or fax that letter to me and ask if it’s something that really needs your attention.  I can usually spot the fakes right away.


Jeremy Beck
Mortgage Planner
Fake Offer Sniffer-Outer

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