Jeremy Beck | Co-Owner & Mortgage Planner





Jeremy’s Bio:

In the simplest terms I’m a Mortgage Planner. More specifically, I’m an owner and creative founding partner of our San Diego Based company called The GreenHouse Group. I consider myself to be a part of a new breed of Real Estate & Mortgage Planners. I’m proud to be the professional that my clients call to get trusted Mortgage Consultation and create a plan to grow their overall financial health. For more than 12 years now, I’ve strategically and ethically helped my clients achieve their goals through the vehicle of Real Estate Ownership, Sales, and Financing Strategies. My ultimate purpose is to provide my clients with an unmatchable level of experience every time we work together – ensuring that they feel comfortable introducing me to those they care about. My clients have told me what makes me unique, is that I take the necessary time to really understand what’s important to them, and use that insight to help them achieve their goals of immediate and sustainable growth.

Better Get To Know Jeremy Better:

Nickname:  JBeckastan

Headline:  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

When I’m not helping clients:  Basketball Season = Lakers, otherwise it’s all about my girls

Last book I read:  The Compassionate Samurai by Brian Klemmer

Favorite movie:  Anchor Man / Vacation

Last meal on Earth:  Carnitas chased with German Chocolate Cake

Don’t tell anyone else but:  I once entered & took 3rd in a real Sumo Tournament (no not the puffy air costume one)

First job:  Running blueprints for my Dad’s Drafting business

GHG is:  A dojo where Diligence, Ethics, and the Pursuit of getting better are the Rules.

Super hero power:  The power to believe it’s not butter