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  • Leo says, “The GreenHouse Group Is On Top Of Their Game!” | Testimonial of The GreenHouse Group

    The GreenHouse Group Celebration & Testimonial Of Buying Their First San Diego / Ocean Beach Home With The GreenHouse Group. And THATS what we love to do: meet great people, and help co-create great things, and leave them better than how we found them. If you are wondering whether now is the right time to own a home of your own, and want to make sure that you get the right team to help you get there, perhaps this sounds like something you might want to talk to us about. If so, feel comfortable contacting us at 858-863-0261. This was done with the help of Jesse Ibanez as REALTOR, Anahi Vasquez as Partner Agent, both from The GreenHouse Group in San Diego,

  • Bryan Boorstein And Greg Kuchan

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    Bryan Boorstein And Greg Kuchan

    Bryan Boorstein, co-owner of San Diego Athletics discusses sticking to your new years resolutions. Bryan understands that its hard to keep yourself going by yourself which is why his gym is all about groups. He believes that when you get involved in something with a friend that being held accountable is one of the greatest parts of success. Check out his videos or listen to the podcast below to hear what he has to say! We than have Greg Kuchan, Real Estate Consultant at The GreenHouse Group to talk about his “Hot Picks” of Pacific Beach. He knows the ins and outs of PB and wants to share with you all the hidden gems of the area. So if your looking to move to PB make sure to give him a call at (858) 863-0260 or shoot him an email an! Make sure to download the Podcast below or subscribe to our channel on Youtube to check out all of our episodes! Click Here to subscribe to our non iTunes Podcast

  • Neighborhood Insight: Pacific Beach

    Neighborhood Insight: Pacific Beach The first week of the New Year is almost over and everyone is talking about new years resolutions. One of my resolutions is to better get to know the place where I live. San Diego. I figure what better spot to start is the neighborhood I live in Pacific Beach. So here are a few things that make up why I love PB. November Project. They pop up all over SD through out the week, but every first Monday of the month they meet up at Kate Sessions Park. I love the view you get from this park. November Project is a free fitness movement you can find all over the US that gets people moving and keeps them accountable with the social connections you get from this energetic group. After a good workout but even more after a surf session, I enjoy a burrito. My favorite burrito spot in PB is La Perla. You have to try the addiction. It is a carne asada burrito with bacon in it! If surfing isn’t your thing there is always the bay. I often go for a run around Mission Bay on the walking path. It is not nearly as crowded as the boardwalk and there is always something going on there. Beach volleyball, sailing, stand up paddle boarding, and at nights it is a perfect spot for

  • Bryan & Kim, “You Guys Were Awesome The Whole Time!” | Testimonial Of The GreenHouse Group

    Bryan & Kim got what they deserved.  And it could happen to you next!  Bryan & Kim Celebration & Testimonial of The GreenHouse Group.        Volume 15 www..GreenMeansGrowcom 1(858) 863-0261 591 Camino De La Reina #103 San Diego, CA 92108 Bryan & Kim's Story of How They Got to "Home."   How Could This Have Happened?   Once upon a time there was a couple who after getting married & settling into great jobs knew that now was the time to land a home of their own. Every day they wondered if the timing was ever going to be right to land something in their 'hood, Pacific Beach. One day, they decided to reach out to someone who could help, which landed Bryan & Kim in an Initial Consultation w/ Jesse to come up with the plan.  Because of that, we determined what the optimal home would look like, and why.   Because of that, they got pre-approved w/ Jeremy and we got the show on the road!  Which just happened to have coincided with one of the most aggressive real estate markets in history, with thousands of buyers flocking to the quickly ascending prices while the interest rates remained historically low.    —> CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO Until finally, 11 months and 22 days after sitting down with the couple for the first time, they got the keys on a

  • Are Our Beach Communities Going Green?

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    Are our beach communities going green? According to an article in the Union Tribune, the addition of a new trolley station is playing a key role in the redesign ideas of Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. The new station will be located at Balboa Ave. and Interstate 5.  According to Roger Showley of the UT, “Local architects moved forward Friday with big thoughts about Pacific Beach and Mission Beach as a possible model for all San Diego neighborhoods. The American Institute of Architects‘ local urban design committee mulled over ideas as simple as artistic crosswalks and roundabout intersections and as a ambitious as a major transit-oriented, mixed-use development around the coming trolley station at Interstate 5 and Balboa Avenue. “This is an opportunity that has popped up immediately,” said Dan Stewart, the committee chairman. “It would be nice if we take advantage of this.” Ideas included holding a spring workshop and fall symposium on innovative planning ideas, such as: Redesigning the acreage around the new trolley line that will connect UC San Diego with Old Town; Replacing unused parking spaces with wider sidewalks and green space; and, Beefing up activity at the Pacific Beach branch library park with more play equipment. The discussion grew out of a community workshop session last summer and a followup in December from a $10,000 sustainable design assessment team, sent by the national  AIA, based in

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