New Loan Rules Make it Easier to Buy & Refi

New Loan Rules Make it Easier to Buy & Refi

I still hear from lots of folks that say they can’t get a loan from a bank or their credit union.  Well I have good news!  New loan rules make it easier to buy & refi in 2016!

There are a few huge changes we’ve added to our loans.  Here is a quick overview

  1. 1- We have made it easier to have someone help you buy a home even when they don’t live with you.
  2. 2- We will be able to use only 1 year of tax returns for some self employed borrowers – increasing buying power, especially for new biz owners
  3. 3- We can now allow only 5% down all the way up to the county limits.  AND – all of that can be a gift.

Of course every rule has it’s caveats, so there are additional things to consider.  But, if you know someone that could use a little help in one of these areas, tell them you know a guy :).  Email me now by clicking here, or call me.  Very quickly I can determine if these new rules can work for you.

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