Looking To Buy A House? Tips For Browsing Online vs In Person

So, you’re looking to buy a house and your go to is the good ol’ world wide web? You’ve been looking online, gazing at the numerous photo galleries and cool videos with the hip background music. This is very common in today’s world, but keep in mind the perfect home for sale online rarely becomes the perfect home in person because there is so much more to consider about a property than just how it looks.  You really have to experience the home to really know if it is the right one for you and there are just things the camera can never capture.  Here are a few things to watch-out-for when looking at properties online:  Don’t trust the photos!  Some photographers use wide angle lenses and position themselves in certain places of a room to make a space look larger and ceilings look taller; avoid getting all excited later to discover that huge property was really nothing more than a tiny house with a bunch of stains on the walls and missing patches of grass.  Also, photos cannot capture the noise level near a property.  What if you found the perfect place but in your back yard is the busiest freeway in the city?  We recommend you drive-by the area or to save time, do a google street view or satellite view search to avoid moving next to a major road/highway.  Online browsing is an excellent tool when looking to buy a house, but if you want to master the tool so that you don’t waste your time solely looking at properties with nice photos and set yourself up for disappointment contact me at Anahi@greenmeansgrow.com or at 858.381.2621 for an exclusive list of the dos and don’ts of online house shopping.  Till next time and happy house hunting. =)

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