Income Based Repayment Plans

Income Based Repayment Plans

I recently saw something I hadn’t see before.  I pulled a client’s credit report and it showed a student loan balance of over 200k with $0 monthly payment due.  Now people can request student loans be deferred or request a forbearance which gives them some breathing room before they must begin repayment.  During one of these periods their credit report won’t even show a $0 due and it will indicate deferment or forbearance.  Which means seeing a $0 reported is interesting because as I found out my client is currently in repayment.  So, how is it that the creditor is not requiring a payment?  It’s because my client is in an Income Based Repayment plan and the latest calculation by the creditor yielded $0.  

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FHA recently issued Mortgagee Letter 2016-08 to provide guidance on calculating student loan payments when a monthly payment is not being reported on the credit report. FHA reduced the requirement of 2% loan balance calculation to 1%; however, FHA will no longer allow the use of a payment less than 1% unless it is the fully amortized payment according to the original terms of the note. Income Based Repayments-IBR less than 1% may not be used.  

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By David Hughson

Mortgage Planner


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