HOA’s Work For You, Right?

HOA’s Work For You, Right?

In a way I can’t blame them.  Who doesn’t like to make a quick buck.  Wait…scratch that, I do blame them when making that buck means overcharging others.  The tradition of gouging is alive and well and there is no better example of that than when someone buys a condo or looks to refinance their condo and needs to contact the property management company that manages the Home owners association. Property management company fees for providing documents that require no preparation and for some documents that do require preparation is getting out of control.  Wait…scratch that, it’s already out of control.

The GreenHouse GroupWhat is crazy is that the people who have the power to change these practices are doing it to themselves. Every condo home owner has a vote on how their HOA conducts business which includes the property management companies they contract with.  Most don’t realize this until they go to refinance their condo and end up paying hundreds of dollars for documents already in existence.


I’ve had some success getting around these exorbitant fees and to find out how click here.  


David Hughson

Mortgage Planner



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