What Happens After A Home Inspection Part 2

So you’ve reviewed your Home Inspection Report and have discussed your concerns with your real estate consultant, what are your options?  Option A) If the home is not to your satisfaction and you’d like to cancel the contract, as long as you have not removed your contingencies, you still can so get the heck outta there! Option B) the property checked-out, there were no major problems detected, you are good to go if you feel comfortable moving forward or Option C)  There are some items you’d like the Seller to repair before moving forward.  Now the way you address these issues takes a whole lotta strategizing because your ultimate goal is to get your requests to fly with the Seller.  For a tips on how to best handle the situation and get what you want, shoot me line to the info below:  Anahi@greenmeansgrow.com or at 858.381.2621.  Till next time and happy house hunting!

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