Guide to 2014 San Diego Home Prices | “4 Predictions, 1 Bonus & 1 Offer”

guideto2014sandiegohomepricesHello there, here’s my annual “Guide to 2014 San Diego Home Prices.”  With help from my friends over at Zillow crunching some local numbers, I’ve laid out “4 Predictions, 1 Bonus & 1 Offer.”  Our passion lies in the intersections of folks who come to us for our help of either buying, selling or borrowing – sharing our purpose & mastery around this very specialized domain of real estate consulting, and leaving them better than how we found them (in whatever capacity that is).

Perhaps you’re looking to move this year, and you’d appreciate learning more about what The GreenHouse Group way means to you?  If so, check us out, check me out, and Google us to make sure that we’re not speaking for ourselves when we share that we are the highest rated, most reviewed firm in San Diego County (and have been since 2009).

Jesse Ibanez


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