Frontstage of the day : List Price vs Long Price

Frontstage of the day : List Price vs Long Price

All right gang market swing from the swing. ⁣

Let’s talk about a nuance inside the market right now, which is a bit insidious. An old axiom in the game since the beginning of time in real estate was: You got some extra chips, buy a premium, get turn-key, move in. You got your down payment, you got your closing cash, you’ve got moving costs and then you’re in the crib.⁣

A potentially advantageous fulcrum is that you go, it’s builder-grade, and needs some work. So, you drop all three of those hats, and then you sign up for another 50k or whatever and maybe improve, do a minor kitchen remodel, minor bathroom model, throwing some floors, repaint the house.⁣

Like the synergistic returns, each one of those independently may not have an exciting return but you synergize them all together, and your 50 turns into 75 or 100, whatever.⁣

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