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Chun got what they deserved.  And it could happen to you next!



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Chun's Story of "Home"

How Could This Have Happened?


Once upon a time … There lived a fantastic soul named Chun.

Every day while living in the Bay Area, he dreamed of putting his studies to work and landing a dream job in a dream city with dream weather.

One day, he was told by one of the biggest, Fortune 500 companies in town that they wanted him and it was time to move to beautiful sunny, San Diego.

Because of that he knew that he wanted to follow the wisdom of the wealthy few who had walked this path before him and set down roots by buying his first home and starting his life with the love of his life.–>


Because of that he was referred to me by the real estate agent whom he and his family have trusted from back home to help him accomplish that dream down here.

Then we got a plan together which included a great mortgage strategy and the non-negotiable essentials of where, what and why.

Until finally the day came when we found that home which fit ALL his goals, including a GREAT price, and closed escrow with ease === and Chun's new life can begin.

And that's what we do:  we help move people with purpose, by helping write their personal stories of "home." – Jesse Ibañez

Huddling Up & Coming Up w/ the Plan on Day 1.


After his journey was complete, the day for KEYS finally came!  ——–>

Celebration Day Complete! =1st day of the rest of their lives!

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