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  • Whiteboard Smart Marker

    Mar 3, 15 • Burrito • Tech TuesdaysNo CommentsRead More »

    Whiteboard Smart Marker The new Equil Smart Marker is the new revolutionary pen! It can capture whiteboard notes and stream them to computers and mobile devices via bluetooth. No more sitting in lectures in class or work trying to write as fast as you can before the words get erased from the white board. Now you can link your phone with the pen and vuala…all the notes are instantly streamed to your device. Plus, as the lecturer, you can save up to 4GB of data on to the pen. It can write on a surface that is 16ft long by 5ft high and had multiple tips for different colors. And whats really amazing is that this technology doesn’t have to be on a white board. It can be on almost any surface because the technology is not in the board but in the pen itself! Click Here For Full Article -Adrian

  • How Waves Create Electricity

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    How Waves Create Electricity A trawler fishing boat of Norway is now able to harness the power of waves to create electricity! This boat has 4 compartments which us air pressure and turbines to create electricity. Basically as each compartments gets filled with water, the air pressure build. As the air pressure builds it pushes a turbine to start spinning. As this turbine starts spinning, electricity is created. Whats also cool, is as the water leaves the compartment, the same thing happens! Click Here For Full Article If you could imagine boats that were solely dedicated to doing this and going out in the ocean and harnessing wave power for electricity, you can start to see another way of helping our valuable ecosystem. -Adrian

  • Personal Robot

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    Robotbase “Personal Robot” Make sure to check out Robotbase’s new Personal Robot!! This thing is the next step to us living in the future like all those scyfy movies. It uses AI to pick up facial recognition, humidity, temperature, and full language recognition. This thing will even pick up your emotions! Plus to make it even better, they have added full wifi, bluetooth functionality to work with everything in your house. Tvs, coffee makers, ipod, surround sound, whatever you want. And to put the cherry on top, this thing uses its cameras to recogineze the difference between a coffee table, tv, picture on the wall and of course humans. It will even give you styling advice! Make sure to check it out here or shoot me an email at   -Adrian

  • Nand Logic Smart Helmet

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    Nand Logic Smart Helmet This week on Tech Tuesdays we have the Nand Logic Smart Helmet. If you ride motorcycles, snowboard or do anything else EXTREME that requires a helmet, your gonna want to grab yourself one of these. This thing has cameras on both the front and back so not only do you get awesome footage of your next ride but you also get an extra insurance policy if you get into any trouble. It also has heat and air conditioning that changed depending on the weather outside. If it gets hot outside, the helmet turns on the small fan and opens its vents. If its cold outside, its turns on the internal heater. It also has bluetooth capability to ensure you can always get your phone calls, use gps, or listen to music. This thing has amazing capabilities that your gonna want to check out yourself at -Adrian

  • Audi Parks Itself!!

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    Audi Parks Itself & Picks You Up!! Audi has developed a new car that parks itself!! and I dont mean just guide you while you park your car. I mean you get out of the car, tell it to go park using your phone, and the car will literally drive itself through a parking lot, find a spot, an park itself! Using laser technology and gps audi was able to design a car that can finally park itself and pick you up when your ready to go! I think this is a huge step in car technology but also a scary one. How many small animals or kids will get hit because of a car driving itself? Im sure they have tested as much as possible but you just never know. What do you think about this? Leave a comment below and we’ll talk about the pros and cons

  • The Ultimate Task Manager

    Dec 29, 14 • Burrito • Tech TuesdaysNo CommentsRead More »

    The Ultimate Task Manager | Do It Tomorrow App If your like me, you need to see what you have done all day to feel accomplished with yourself. When I don’t make a list and check things off, I go crazy feeling like I did nothing. If you ever feel like this, than maybe this is the app for you. Do It Tomorrow allows you to make checklists for yourself and easily check & uncheck things from your list allowing you to know what you need to get done. My favorite thing about this app is that when you know you can’t finish something, you simply push a button and it moves to your tomorrow list which helps declutter your list. This helps a lot when you have 5 things you have to get done, then your boss drops something on your desk with a higher priority. now the next day when you come into work, you don’t forget about those little things you were in the middle of. If you want to check it out, just check out the Do It Tomorrow App Here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks for checking out Tech Tuesdays. -Adrian

  • No More Old Food!

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    While the stench of rotting food would cause you to stop from chowing down, chances are it became unfit for consumption some time before those funky aromas wafted through your nostrils. Chemists at MIT have been working on a wireless, inexpensive sensor that, among other things, identifies spoiled food early by detecting gases in the air. It then shares its data with a smartphone, potentially alerting users to that soon-to-be moldy fruit in the bottom of the fridge. “The beauty of these sensors is that they are really cheap,” says Timothy Swager, Professor of Chemistry at MIT. “You put them up, they sit there, and then you come around and read them. There’s no wiring involved. There’s no power. You can get quite imaginative as to what you might want to do with a technology like this.” Want to hear more about this technology? Use the link provided above or contact me at – Adrian

  • Microsoft has R2-D2 Droids!

    Nov 25, 14 • Burrito • Tech TuesdaysNo CommentsRead More »

      Microsoft Has R2-D2 Droids! Microsoft has a brand new security detail and its made of droids. They have officially launched a new security system that is fully made of security drones. These drones have artificcial intellegence which alerts security systems when they believe something is happening. As well as HD security cameras and sensors to take in their organic surroundings. Pretty cool stuff. Check out this link to find out more about these rad new droids. -Adrian Barreto

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