Nand Logic Smart Helmet

Nand Logic Smart Helmet

Nand Logic Smart Helmet

nand-logic-smart-helmetThis week on Tech Tuesdays we have the Nand Logic Smart Helmet. If you ride motorcycles, snowboard or do anything else EXTREME that requires a helmet, your gonna want to grab yourself one of these.

This thing has cameras on both the front and back so not only do you get awesome footage of your next ride but you also get an extra insurance policy if you get into any trouble. It also has heat and air conditioning that changed depending on the weather outside. If it gets hot outside, the helmet turns on the small fan and opens its vents. If its cold outside, its turns on the internal heater.

It also has bluetooth capability to ensure you can always get your phone calls, use gps, or listen to music. This thing has amazing capabilities that your gonna want to check out yourself at


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