No More Old Food!

No More Old Food!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.43.24 PMWhile the stench of rotting food would cause you to stop from chowing down, chances are it became unfit for consumption some time before those funky aromas wafted through your nostrils. Chemists at MIT have been working on a wireless, inexpensive sensor that, among other things, identifies spoiled food early by detecting gases in the air. It then shares its data with a smartphone, potentially alerting users to that soon-to-be moldy fruit in the bottom of the fridge.

“The beauty of these sensors is that they are really cheap,” says Timothy Swager, Professor of Chemistry at MIT. “You put them up, they sit there, and then you come around and read them. There’s no wiring involved. There’s no power. You can get quite imaginative as to what you might want to do with a technology like this.”

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