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  • Spanish Revival For Sale in Golden Hill

    A beautiful Spanish home built in the 1920’s is currently for sale in the Golden Hill neighborhood, just east of Downtown San Diego. This featured home has 3 bedrooms (plus an optional detached bedroom,) 2 bathrooms; a formal dining room, laundry room and plenty of outdoor space in the back for entertaining. The historical charm of the home is apparent throughout and when you step out your front door the options are endless. Turn right for a quick trip to Starbucks, or the Saturday Golden Hill Farmer’s Market. Turn left, and hit the Golden Hill Park, local coffee shop Krakatoa, San Diego relic, Turf Club, or hip cocktail spot, Counterpoint. And if getting into the fun of the Gaslamp District, your an Uber ride away that will only cost you a couple of dollars. To find out more on this charming home for sale, or to learn more about the sought after neighborhood of Golden Hill, contact me at: –Carmen Harris, Real Estate Consultant

  • Best Plants to Purify the Air

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    Would you like to know the best plants to purify the air inside your home or office? In the late ’80s, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America studied houseplants as a way to purify the air in space facilities. They found several plants that filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Lucky for us, the plants can also help clean indoor air on Earth, which is typically far more polluted than outdoor air. Other studies have since been published in the Journal of American Society of Horticultural Science, further proving the science. Want to see the best plants? Contact me here for further information. Your helpful Green thumb, Greg

  • 5 tips for a more successful night

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    *Did you see my post on Morning Routine’s? NO check it out here.* Our life is largely determined by factors that we are barley aware of, those automatic actions that we repeat day in and day out. Having a set routine to close out your day has many benefits. So here are my five actions to end a productive day!   1: Disconnect from work. Work can consume your entire life if you allow it to. Set a cut off time that you will no longer be checking emails or attending to any business activities. Healthy boundaries for work can give you more energy and a new perspective of the tasks at hand. Loosing sleep over a late night email is not going to help you solve that problem in the morning. 2: Set most important tasks for the next day Before you leave the office, create a list of tasks that need to be completed the next day in order of importance. 3: Reflect Take time to look back on your day. How did I do? Where could I have improved? Who did I help? What did I learn? What am I grateful for? Write all that down and keep track of your progress. I like to journal right after work, if I am short on time I go outside and sit in my backyard. If I have more time

  • Five actions to start a productive day

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    Our life is largely determined by factors that we are barley aware of, those automatic actions that we repeat day in and day out. Having a set routine to start your day has many benefits. So here are my five actions to start a productive day!   1: Get your mind & body ready As soon as you get out of bed drink some water. Drinking water right after you wake up kick starts your body. The water helps flush out your system and rehydrates you. Your brain tissue is about 75% water so when you are not hydrated your brain cannot function as well. Then get your body moving. When you get your workout done in the morning, you have started your day on the right track. Even if you don’t accomplish anything else the rest of the day, you can feel good that you took the time and maintained your health. I also find that it is a great way to actively meditate. I find lots of clarity on my mourning runs. 2: Personal Development Take 10-15minuets and explore something that interests you. Read the news, learn a language, journal, start a new project, find something that you are passionate about and dive in headfirst. 3: Fuel your body Your body is your temple. What you put into your body is the fuel it has to burn. There

  • Free Concerts in San Diego

    Do you like free music? Do you live in San Diego? Well I know of 7 spots that have free concerts, good food and a great atmosphere. To top it all off I am putting together a tour of all the homes for sale in the area of each free concert. Wanna come join me? The First spot is The Quartyard, located in the Gaslamp District on Market and 11th. They are having a free concert Thursday 28th January. Valley Maker, a Seattle bases singer/songwriter will be performing. If you are interested in going click on my name below and shoot me an email! Looking forward to hearing from you, Greg Kuchan | REALTOR 858-361-

  • To Go Green…or Not

    What does it mean to be Green? Conserving water?  Recycling?  Tearing out your grass and replacing it with Artificial Turf? We are told so many things by so many people, but who is right?  Well, me, of course.  🙂 Many, so called, “benefits” of “Going Green” can also have many, unmentioned, associated risks and costs.   Here are a few links to various articles that I think you find of interest, and will help you realize that there are risks and costs associated with Going Green. San Diego increasing rates 17%, nice reward for conserving! USA Today article on hazardous substances and high levels of lead in artificial turf:   Long list of Artificial Turf Hazards:    

  • Pacific BeachFest

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    Come check out the 18th annual Pacific BeachFest in Pacific Beach, San Diego. There are tons of activities going on. There will be: a beach volleyball tournament, surf contest, 5K run, best fish taco contest, local shops selling goods, tons of live music, and much more. While you are there I have set up a tour through PB checking out the newest and best houses on the market. So if you would like to join in the fun, contact me at 858-361-5568   *ps check out their cool promotional video from last year!  

  • Green Improvements for Top Dollar

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    Would you like to sell your house for top dollar? In today’s market, houses that are going for top dollar have some updates throughout the house. The best place to put a little money in to get top dollar out is the Kitchen. There are lots of different products that are eco friendly and cost similar to traditional materials. Here is a preview of my list of Green improvements for top dollar sale. Paper stone counter tops   Hemp/Natural fiber carpet   If you would like the rest of my Green renovation materials list to get top dollar for your house contact me at Here at The GreenHouse Group we would like to leave you and the environment better then how we received it with our 5 star services

  • Top 10 Green Cleaning Solutions

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    Hey Guys, Greg Kuchan here with your weekly Green Tips of the week. This week I looked into household cleaning supplies. There are a lot of very harsh chemicals in your everyday cleaning products. So I looked into how to clean your house with out all the additional chemicals. Check out this article on DIY home made cleaning supplies that work just as good as the store bought chemicals, with the added benefit of being good for the environment. I even found that some of them are cheaper than store bought products! So here it is the Top 10 Green Cleaning Solutions.   If you would like more of my weekly Green tips, or you have questions on how the real estate market looks, email me at

  • Repurpose Rain Water

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    Have you ever thought, how can I help the environment, I’m only 1 person? That one thought crosses my mind often. I try to live a green lifestyle and practice what I preach. So when I started looking into installing rain gutters on my own home, it got me to think. How can I repurpose rain water? Rain Barrels. Inexpensive, easy to install and even better yet, there is a government rebate on them as well. The City of San Diego is refunding $1 per storage gallon of rain barrel up to 400 gallons per property. That is a $400 savings!! So I did a little searching around for rain barrels. Now the barrels must be store purchased and a minimum of 50 gallon per container to qualify for the rebate. I found some really cool rain barrels for about $65. So that means you would only pay $15 per rain barrel after the rebate! Once the rain barrels are installed, I wondered how much water can they actually catch? An average roof can collect about 0.623 gallon per every 1 square foot of roof. Lets say your house is 1,000 sq ft, and to make math easy that means for every 1 inch of rain fall your house can collect 600 gallons of water. San Diego County has an average of 10.4 inches of rain per year. So that

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