5 tips for a more successful night

5 tips for a more successful night

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Our life is largely determined by factors that we are barley aware of, those automatic actions that we repeat day in and day out. Having a set routine to close out your day has many benefits. So here are my five actions to end a productive day!


1: Disconnect from work.

Work can consume your entire life if you allow it to. Set a cut off time that you will no longer be checking emails or attending to any business activities. Healthy boundaries for work can give you more energy and a new perspective of the tasks at hand. Loosing sleep over a late night email is not going to help you solve that problem in the morning.

2: Set most important tasks for the next day

Before you leave the office, create a list of tasks that need to be completed the next day in order of importance.

3: Reflect

Take time to look back on your day. How did I do? Where could I have improved? Who did I help? What did I learn? What am I grateful for? Write all that down and keep track of your progress. I like to journal right after work, if I am short on time I go outside and sit in my backyard. If I have more time I will ride my bike to the beach and journal over looking the ocean! You could even use this time to meditate. Check out Headspace for a free app to get you started with meditation.

4: Partake in a meaningful relationship

Spend some time with the people closest to you. Even though most of us do not live in tribes anymore, we are still social creatures. Building strong meaningful relationships can reduce stress and can even increase your life expectancy according to Harvard Medical School. I love cooking, so dinner with my family and girlfriend is an integral part of the day.

5: Master sleep hygiene/ Un plug

The National Sleep Foundation lays out a good plan for sleep hygiene, but the keys are simple. Set a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it. Don’t work or watch TV in bed, just use it for sleep and intimate activities. Make your room as dark as possible with blackout shades and keep your bedroom a screen-free zone. Play with the temperature and keep things cooler. Invest in a comfortable mattress setup. And finally, give yourself enough time to unwind before bed.


Implementing positive actions into your night time routine will greatly benefit your life. If you want to see a detailed outline of my end of the day routine shoot me an email by clicking here and I can help you create your own routine. If you just want to understand how you form and how to alter a habit, The power of habit is a good article to read.

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