Carlos & Crisol say “We’ve Got REALTOR’s For Life!” | Testimonial of Jesse & Jeremy f/ The GreenHouse Group

carlos crisol testimonial of the greenhouse groupCarlos & Crisol say “We’ve Got REALTOR’s For Life!” | Testimonial of The GreenHouse Group In their own words they share that buying your first home is a dream of theirs that they thought couldn’t be true. They had experience in the Real Estate game in the past, and it wasnt until they met up with us and came up with their own custom tailored plan that they believed that it was possible. The rest was in the hands of fate (and some solid legwork and expert negotiation) to place them in a home they could only dream of only months before.

This was done with the help of The GreenHouse Group, in San Diego CA with REALTORS Jesse Ibanez & Andrea Ibanez and lender Jeremy Beck.
Find out how this could be you, too!

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