Brian & Hilary “[The GreenHouse Group] Lined It Up & Knocked It Down!” |Celebration & Testimonial

Brian & Hilary got what they deserved.  And it could happen to you next!  Brian & Hilary's Celebration & Testimonial of The GreenHouse Group.



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Brian & Hilary's Story of How They Got to "Home."

How Could This Have Happened?


Once upon a time there was a couple who after living in the east coast in some pretty crazy situations, made it out to beautiful sunny San Diego.

Every day they wondered if the timing was ever going to be perfect to start the process of owning their own home.

One day, after speaking with some friends of theirs who were in the process of buying their own home, suggested they speak with us.  That landed them both in and Initial Consultation w/ Jesse to come up with a plan.

Because of that, we determined what the optimal home would look like, and why…and got backed by a pre-approval with Jeremy to fuel it. 

Because of that, they were able to hit the streets running and quickly began the journey of open houses, private home tours, offers on homes, rejections, denials, competition … all the joys and wonderment of the first time home buyer process.  —>


We saw many homes together, and wrote respectable offers on the good ones.  We even got great traction on one of the first one's we offered on – only to have to back out after realizing it wasn't the right one for the right reasons.  Until finally, 4.5 months after sitting down with the couple, they got the keys on a beautiful home with a HUGE backyard, in a great community for setting down roots of their own.

And that's what we do:  we follow a proven, systematic 6-step process helping move great people with great purpose.  We'd love to help you write your story of "home." – Jesse Ibañez & The GreenTeam

Hilary showing off their "why" from day 1 – representing the plan well!

The moment we worked so hard for – finally here 🙂

And the little trick that got us there ..

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Volume 14  www..GreenMeansGrowcom 1(858) 863-0261 591 Camino De La Reina #103 San Diego, CA 92108

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