A Loan for All Cash Buyers?

A Loan for All Cash Buyers?

Many folks would love to be “That Guy” (or gal) that roles up on a property and beats out all other offers because the buy it with all cash.  Now some people just have the cash, and that’s great.  This applies to you.  But what if you might be able to borrower from yourself, like an investment or other source of funds, but can’t part with it indefinitely.  Well this is great news for you too!  A Loan For All Cash Buyers.

What you might not know is that most lenders will not refinance you within the first 6mos of acquiring a property if you want to get cash out.  Obviously that’s a serious obstacle for those who want to use resources to buy a property cash, but not have them tied up for 1/2 a year.

We have a solution!  We have a loan that allows for cash investors to nearly immediately begin a refinance process after buying their home with cash.  This loan allows you to get your cash back out of the property.  Of course, some parameters apply like LTV and normal qualification restrictions.  But this is a great program that allows you to buy with cash, but not live without it!

To learn more about this program click here and send me an email.  I’ll send you hand little cheat sheet about what you need to know.

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