2014 Loan Limits for FHA VA and Conventional Programs

Just a quick one today.  Over the last several weeks I’ve been bringing you updates on the different loan limits for individual loan programs such as FHA, VA & Conventional loans.  I thought it would be valuable to have a quick reference to all of them in one spot.  Below you’ll find a chart of the 2014 Loan Limits for FHA VA and Conventional Programs.

2014 Loan Limits
FHA Conventional VA
San Diego 546,250 546,250 527,500
Los Angeles 625,500 625,500 687,500
Orange County 625,500 625,500 687,500
Riverside 355,350 417,000 417,000
San Fransisco 625,500 625,500 1,050,00

Most of these have changed in some way.  So of course it’s important to make sure you pre-approvals from 2013 are still in line with these figures.  For example, in Riverside county FHA now only goes upto $355,350!  That a huge decrease from previous years.  Conversely, VA limits went up in most cases.  These numbers don’t tell the whole story though.  To find how they might affect your next purchase or refinance send me a quick email by clicking here, or click my name below for my full contact info.

Jeremy Beck | Mortgage Planner | 2014 Loan Limit Liason

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