10 Ways To Get That Down Payment

10 Ways To Get That Down Payment

Many people have the good income, great credit history, and a manageable amount of debt they need to qualify for a home loan.  What many don’t have is the down payment.  Even at a minimum down payment percentage of 3.5%-5% means thousands of dollars out of pocket.  In high cost areas like here in San Diego it can reach five digits quickly.  So, if you find your self short on funds here are 10 ways to get that down payment you may not have considered until now.

The GreenHouse Group1. Side work

2. State down payment assistance programs

3. County and city down payment assistance programs

4. Family

5. USDA Mortgages

6. Friends and loved ones

7. Your IRA

8. Your 401(k)

9. VA loans

10. Good ‘ole savings

For more details on all 10 of these down payment sources click this link here:

By David Hughson

Down Payment Expert


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