What’s The Best Home Mortgage Financing Today?

What’s The Best Home Mortgage Financing Today?

What’s the best Home Mortgage Financing out there today?  There’s no such “magic bullet” because the answer depends upon your situation.  But I want to talk about a product called HomePath that we here at The GreenHouse Group absolutely love due to its:

  • Low Down Payment
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Lowest Monthly Payment
  • Ease of Qualification
  • Robust Utility*

The product is called HomePath and its put together by Fannie Mae.  We love it for all those reasons, and the fact that there is a bolt on product called their ‘Renovation Mortgage’ as well.

*Robust Utility: Renovation Mortgage.  With all the foreclosures, estate sales, short sales and even traditional sales out there right now – its almost a given that you’re going to need to put some money into your new home before you move into it.  At a minimum, we coach our clients to be prepared for new paint and carpets.  While you may be able to foot that bill, when a really good deal shows up that requires a bit more work that that, even if you want to you may not have the funds to take on that project.

IF the house is owned by Fannie Mae and is approved for HomePath Financing (ask me how you’d know), you’re in luck!

The best two moves to make from here:

  1. Click this link to see a summary of the program on the HomePath site itself.
  2. Talk to a mortgage planner here about this option to see if its for you when compared against the rest.  There are some very important details that you’ll want an expert to ask you about before deciding which option is right for you, which is why a mortgage planner is always your best option anyway.

On Your Team,

Jesse Ibanez

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