(VIDEO) How do you get the seller to kick in 10k for upgrades?

(VIDEO) How do you get the seller to kick in 10k for upgrades?

Here’s a great story on how I can help you or someone that you might introduce to me.


First time buyers are always a lot of fun to work with.  I really identify with the nature of them existing inside of their dreams, and the passion they share throughout the process.  It can also be one of the most stressful situations of their young lives.


Brian and Nicole found that to be true for themselves when half way into the process, it was revealed that the entire sewage line needed to be replaced from the house to the street.  No small task. It included going under two of our structures, tearing up the lawn & a deck as well as the neighbors yard!  The cost wouldve been too much for them to bare, and it wouldve prevented them from moving into their dream house – a beautiful craftsman in the heart of San Diego, CA.  It was not part of the contract the seller had agreed to … which is where I came in.


Thanks to some great teamwork all around, and some quick negotiation, we were able to do the unthinkable: we got the seller to pay for it and had the whole thing fixed before they even got the keys.  It was a huge undertaking but in the end, Brian and Nicole got what they wanted: their dream home (and a toilet that worked).  That’s what we do, we help people navigate through this often difficult landscape of buying & selling real estate in San Diego while keeping their vision together, in tact, to the finish line.  Whos the next person you know who might appreciate leadership like that?  Please forward them this link and let them know we would be happy to help.


Jesse Ibanez


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