Vacant Lots in Your Neighborhood: Develop vs. Open Space?

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In every neighborhood there are these plots of unrefined space that seems to always spawn the statement: what in the … are they doing with that?  Well, its a good question because it draws the line between which side of the fence youre on.  Are you more:

  • open spaces are to be left alone.  We’ve done enough building around here already, besides, we don’t have the public services and infrastructure to maintain another shopping mall/condo complex anyway…
  • while the chain link look is always “in”, I’d prefer to boost neighborhood revenues, spawn community development & erase that dirty eyesore from my view.

Its a healthy debate, and I’m curious – where do you stand on this?

Here’s what a local San Diego reporter dug up on the issue:

[The Mercado project is set to be developed at this lot in Barrio Logan.]

Jesse Ibanez

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