Unknown Credit Issues

Unknown Credit Issues

Unknown Credit issues. More often than not we see items on people’s credit that they did not know where there. And as I’m sure you guessed it, any surprise on a credit report is an unwelcome one.

The main down side to discovering an issue on your credit in this scenario, is that you are discovering it at the time you want to purchase or refinance. Most credit issues can be resolved with a little bit of work and communication, however out about them at the time you are trying to purchase or refinance may end up holding you back from your ultimate goal.

CreditSo if you identify yourself in the category of people who are getting ready but not quite ready to buy or refinance, the “thinking about it” club, then I strongly suggest taking a look at your credit before you have your heart set on that new home or low interest rate, and if your reading this post, the next step is as simple as clicking my email below, and we can get you into a position where hen the time is right, you are truly ready to buy or refinance. No surprises.


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