Trump’s Overhaul of Dodd-Frank – How it Changes Your Mortgage

Trump’s Overhaul of Dodd-Frank – How it Changes Your Mortgage

You’ve probably heard that President Trump presently signed an executive order allowing Dodd-Frank to be changed.  The promise thus far is that his administration has plans to “cut a lot out of Dodd-Frank”.  So at this point you may be asking yourself –  ” What the heck is Dodd-Frank?!”  Well, essentially Dodd-Frank was a reform act set into place after the big mortgage meltdown.  It was designed to place more control on big banks, increase accountability, and increase transparency.  On the mortgage side of thing, it can be argued as to whether or not that was accomplished.  What is true, is that it created a number of extra waiting period requirements, disclosures, and good deal more paperwork.  It also put a lager burden of proof on borrowers when in comes to proving their ability to repay their loan.


Ya, but so What?  Good question…  It’s not clear yet what impact rolling back Dodd-Frank would have the way people get loans.  It might make it easier.  It might cause another period of turmoil while banks race to learn the new laws.  Or, maybe nothing will change at all.


One thing I do know is how much I love the way we here at the GreenHouse Group can handle these situations.  We’ve been through many of these changes now in the life of our organization.  Experience shows that the way we do business makes these transitions easier on our clients.  That’s because we work with many different institutions to source funds for your purchase or refinance.  Since each institution may react differently in times like this, it vital we have options from which to choose.  Making sure you have the easiest process possible – even when the world seems to be conspiring against it!


To learn more about how the Dodd-Frank roll back will affect you specifically, email me at  I’m happy to discuss your scenario to make sure eyou don’t get caught up the pending changes.


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